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Summer Running
The IonX Baselayer Hot and the IonX Wigwam -
Baselayer Hot Under Short from Ironman Surge
Canterbury saves energy for performance WIGWAM Pro SSP£11
and improves body awareness and Wigwam have combined interesting new patterns
posture. Prof Mike Caine, B.Sc., Ph.D., with high-technology fibres as well as merino wool
Director of the Sports Technology meaning socks are breathable, moisture-absorbing
Institute at Loughborough University, and moisture-repelling keeping feet dry,
said: "Preliminary findings of a study comfortable and blister-free. Ironman Surge
indicate that athletes wearing IonX- Pro SSP£11 offers a unique lightweight design
treated garments demonstrate an improved level with patented moisture control and unbeatable
of power output during repeated, short duration comfort. Ener-G SSP £13 is a great cushioned,
maximal efforts." cool-weather running sock with the softness
Improving oxygen delivery to the muscles of Merino wool.
increases average output by 2.7% and accelerates Ener-G SSP £13
recovery. The ‘Hot’ technology is designed to
keep you cool in hot conditions - it dries quicker,
helps to protect the skin from direct sunlight and HILLY
helps to prevent skin chafing. This summer Hilly are launching two new Twinskin
Canterbury IonX Baselayer Hot £43.99 / IonX developments - the Twinskin Lite Plus is a light-weight
Baselayer Hot Under Short £11.99 sock with synthetic fibre construction to manage
moisture for durability and quick drying making it
ideally for fast sports and competition. The 1
Bras and Undies
Twinskin Aquaduct utilises all the great
features of the existing twin skins
but the inner sock is made from a
ODLO hydrophobic (water hating)
Renowned for men’s and ladies technical polypropylene and the outer layer is
undergarments, Odlo has introduced a technologically made from a hydrophilic (water
advanced running wear range of clothing for loving) polyamide, which aids the
summer, using high-specification materials transportation of moisture. 3 2
guaranteeing For those who like low-cut styles
optimal moisture the existing Mono Skin Lite Socklet
transport away from and Twin Skin socklet ranges are
the skin, thus perfect for summer running as
maintaining a more both allow maximum
even core body
temperature. The cut
airflow and cooling
to the legs. Other 4
and styling of each key features
piece combine to
Photographs by:
include seamless toe
Thomas Ulrich
give the wearer construction and an arch grip support.
greater comfort and a wider freedom of movement. 1: Hilly - Twinskin Lite Plus - red detail / 2: Twinskin
Aquaduct / 3: Mono Skin Lite socklet - black /
SAUCONY 4: Twin Skin socklet - pink
Saucony's Motion Sensor Bra is both supportive and
flattering which can be worn on its own or as a
support bra beneath another top. Patented
Performance Shape Technology provides stretchable, 1000 MILE
breathable moulded cups giving great shape and For summer running, socklets are a popular choice:
great fit. The Coolmax outer and Sorb-tek liner 1000 Mile's Trainer Liner Socklet is ‘No
maximise moisture management and the hook and Blisters Guaranteed’. The Tactel inner
eye closure to allow for adjustment. layer wicks away perspiration to the
Saucony Motion Sensor Bra. Sizes 32B to 38D. £30 RRP moisture absorbing outer layer, so feet
are kept dry. The combination of
THUASNE fibres and top venting maintains a
New from Thuasne is the Too Skin – a totally seamless bra comfortable temperature for the
which is comfortable and light to feel at one with the foot. The Performance
skin. The moulded cups and anatomically designed Socklet is padded and
back and arm holes give freedom of movement features Wool Ultra,
while side reinforcements give maximum which is 20% lighter,
support. Moisture is wicked away using the dries 30% faster and wicks more than
Meryl/Lycra fibre combination, which also conventional wool.
has an exceptionally soft handle. Contact: Trainer Liner Socklet - lilac and Performance Socklet
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