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Front Gate
At what point in the future do you expect rides from
emerging manufacturers in the East to be sold in the
50of Fun
Rich Allen, S&S Worldwide: Although the Far East has already
developed significant manufacturing capability for the mass production of
goods, S&S has been fortunate to have maintained strong sales of our
kilometre – length of the new Blue Fire
products in that region. We believe that this success has relied and will
Megacoaster at Europa-Park in
continue to depend on the creativity and originality of our design and
Germany. The looping coaster reaches
engineering team. Even as equalisation of production costs leads to the
speeds up to 100km/h
eventual globalisation of manufacturing, imaginative products and designs
will always be in demand.
gallons of water per ride splashed on
Jim Seay, Premier Rides, USA: Emerging ride manufacturers in the each passenger on the Tidal Wave
East face the same daunting challenges that the emerging car
water ride at Thorpe Park near London
manufacturers from countries like China and India face in exporting their
vehicles to the West. First, there is already an inherent expectation of high
quality in the product to be delivered due to the present quality of the
existing supplier base. Second, there are detailed regulatory requirements
minutes – time taken to the ride The
Ultimate rollercoaster at Lightwater
such as the CEN/ASTM standards which impose detailed design and
Valley in England. The 1.5-mile-long
manufacturing criteria. Third, the majority of customers incorporate third
ride is located in on the site of a former
party certification/approval parties such as TÜV that not only verify
strawberry farm
conformance to specifications but also impose additional criteria based on their experience
and perform detailed manufacturing inspections. Fourth, customers require a locally based
support operation for both round the clock after market service and for the provision of
insurance requirements. Finally, the customers themselves have significant internal design
A strange fascination with the number at
and manufacturing standards that contractually have to be followed to the letter. All of the
Walt Disney World in Florida: The
above are elements that result in dramatically different equipment from the off the shelf
Magic Kingdom is 14ft above ground,
offerings of emerging manufacturers and thus are a barrier to entry. More than one major
the resort’s monorail is 14 miles long,
theme park organisation has explored the option of working with emerging manufacturers
and the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom
from the East and found that the final costs end up being significantly higher than
is 14 stories tall
established resources. The elements noted above protect companies like Premier Rides that
already meet or exceed existing industry and regulatory requirements.
Number of individual animals on
Vladimir Gnezdilov, Pax Design, Russia: We have been producing
display at the recently opened Dubai
and selling our amusement rides in the West for a long time. Only when
Aquarium & Underwater Zoo at the
other Russian companies comply with local standards in the West will they be
Dubai Mall
able to successfully sell their amusement rides in these markets. Many of our
Figures by Economics Research Associates
rides are TÜV-certified.
Ups &
Hong Kong Hold-Up - Walt Disney Company has
halted expansion plans for its Hong Kong theme park
and cut 30 jobs. The group claims it was unable to
Universal Rescue - Goldman Sachs will
reach an agreement with the Hong Kong Government,
bid to take Universal Studios Japan private
which owns 57% of the park
in a deal that could be worth more than
$610 million. Goldman has a history of
taking stakes in Japanese companies to turn
them around and then sell at a profit
Indiana Doesn’t Want Me - Fun
Spot, Angola, Indiana, is closing its
doors, at least for this season. The park
UK OK - UK attractions reported an
willl not be opening due to the
encouraging Easter as Britons holidayed Camelot Comeback - British theme park
economy and increasing costs of
at home due to the weak pound. “The Camelot will now reopen for the 2009 season after
liability insurance
state of the economy and poor exchange being bought out of receivership by The Story
rates have certainly brought significant Group. The new owner does not rule out
numbers,” reported Rick Turner at The Big developing some of the site, but plans to open the
Sheep farm park in Devon gates again on May 23
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