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alongside cossetting surroundings that plasma TVs and antiques, Harrods four-
have fast made it the 'rehab' of choice for poster beds with premium high thread
celebrities and those wealthy enough to count bed linen, Mulberry bathrobes and
afford the £5,000-£10,000 weekly tariff, stunning ocean views.
which includes deluxe accommodation, There's an onsite chef (poached from
meals, 24 hour medical care, daily The Ebury in Pimlico) who whisks up
therapy, personal training and activities healthy, delicious meals featuring fresh
including cookery, yoga and pottery. seafood and salad grown in the garden.
The retreat was set up in 2004 by Nigel There are art or pottery lessons and
Frieda and Brendan Quinn. Frieda is cooking masterclasses. Sport wise, there's
a renowned music producer who tennis, swimming, fi shing, riding, sailing
has worked with the Rolling Stones and one-to-one sessions with world
and Oasis, and Quinn is a qualifi ed class personal trainers; they can even
psychiatric nurse who also has a degree
in drug and alcohol treatment. Frieda
"The rehab of choice for
bought Osea for £5.4 million in 2004.
"We set up the retreat because there was
those who can afford the
nowhere in the world where people who
£10,000 weekly tariff"
suffer from addiction and psychological
problems could go that’s not an arrange sessions with Linford Christie,
institutionalised clinic," says Quinn. one of the retreat's fi tness advisors.
"Even The Priory, the place people There's also a state-of-the-art recording
associate with 'celeb rehab' because studio, which might explain why so many
of press coverage on the number of music industry players come here. Amy
celebrities that have been there, Winehouse is commonly reported to have
is a national psychiatric institution. visited the retreat but as the lyrics go,
We wanted to set up a place that would 'they tried to make me go to rehab, I said
remove all the stigma. You come here no, no, no'; she checked herself out after
and you still get all the counselling, just a couple of days. But not all who
medication and psychiatrists but it’s come here are addicts. Some come for the
a very uplifting experience." retreat's popular de-stressing programme
Accommodation is set in a charming which includes complementary therapies
16th century village (£5,000 per week for such as yoga, acupuncture and refl exology.
an apartment or £8,000 for a cottage) or The retreat accepts a maximum of
in a luxurious New England style manor 16 'guests' (visitors here are known as
house (£10,000 per week). There are guests instead of patients) at any one
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