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London Face
Terry De Havilland, shoe designer, N1...
… is renowned for his rock and roll style. In his 50 years in the business,
he's made shoes for the likes of Cher, David Bowie and Kate Moss.
I'm on my way to my studio in Shoreditch
to finish making some shoes out of black
python; it's really popular at the moment.
I make show off shoes. They're not
for the faint-hearted. The seven inch
heels are only for very daring ladies.
Maria Grachvogel's got a couple of pairs.
My shoe fetish started early. My Dad was
a cobbler and made shoes on the black
market towards the end of the war.
The showgirls used to come in, gorgeous
women. My dad put them in ankle straps.
The fixation started there.
The Margaux is the one everyone wants
right now. I originally designed it in
'73 and now everyone from Kate Moss
to Cheryl Cole is wearing them.
People always ask me if my name is my
real name. It is, but just not the one I was
born with! I found it in the phone book,
thought it had the right ring to it!
I loved the 60s and 70s but I don't
remember much of them. I designed most
of my shoes on acid. The launch party of
my shop in the Kings Road was famed for
the three Cs: cocaine, champagne, caviar. starting to dandy up again but there
God knows who came in, everybody! weren't any good shoes out there. You
I was usually in the basement designing. can get them at Sir Tom Baker's shop in
In the 80s I stopped making shoes under D’Arblay Street.
the Terry de Havilland name and everyone Miu Miu once copied a pair of my shoes.
thought I was dead. I bumped into Cher I was upset at the time but in hindsight,
in the 90s and she couldn't believe I was they did me a favour. I didn’t take it to
alive. She bought 13 pairs. court; the cost and stress wasn’t worth it.
My wife Liz is my muse. Like every Now I just say, “Grazie mille, Miuccia.”
woman I've ever dated she's got size I'm not a rich man. I was always a
five feet. She designs shoes too. better shoemaker than I was a business
I'm a consultant for her new men's label, man. And I don't follow mainstream
Archie Eyebrows. We call them 'dandy fashion. A good shoe is a good shoe, that's
shoes for tough dudes'. We started doing all there is to it.
men's stuff when we saw that guys were
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