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SGB Sports
apparel. It features 3 main technologies: Structural adidas
products that improve posture such as inner adidas, the official
muscle for training and partner of the Flora
core balance for London Marathon, has
competition, pro fit developed an official
technology to provide the London Marathon
best apparel patterns for apparel range with
optimum movement and performance in mind,
Premium Dry fabric to featuring the lightest and
enhance comfort and softest fabrics available
performance. and all of the latest
adidas innovations. The
Asics top, tights and Flora London
racing suit Marathon is a gruelling
The North Face enough challenge, so
Men's Arnuva 50 Boa from North Face is built for the athlete who runs road it's a priority to ensure
and trails it provides mechanical assistance to the midsole and support for that runners feel
overpronators. The UltrATAC all condition rubber outsole comfortable and cool as
has excellent wet/dry traction for running on or they make their way Prices for mens leggings
off road. It offers the cutting edge around the 26.2 course. £27, long sleeved T-Shirt £28,
Boa lacing system for a rapidly All of adidas' running short sleeved T-Shirt £23 and
adjustable, secure fit. RRP £95 shorts socks £8
Mens sizes 7 -14. and vests feature
New for Spring 09, The North their renowned ForMotion and ClimaCool
Arnuva 50 Boa Mens,
Face have introduced a technology, while their uniquely developed marathon
lightweight endurance shoe for socks help prevent blisters and protect feet.
men or women called the Voza –
with neutral Thrust Chassis and X-
2 cushioning to handle road-
pounding and Tenacious Grip
traction for trail
adventures. Voza Mens
Womens sizing includes half sizes from 41/2 - 8 1/2.
For the ultimate high-performance mountain
running shoe North Face recommend their
Rucky Chucky GTX XCR availble for
men or women. For endurance
athletes this waterproof, breathable
shoe has a Gore-Tex XCR membrane
Rucky Chucky
and an abrasion-resistant, bomber
synthetic nubuck outer. For overpronators
the Innovative TPU forefoot Snake Plate with medial/lateral outriggers provides
torsional support while giving ultimate protection from stone bruising. Again
the Tenacious grip outsole provides excellent on and off road traction as well Prices for women's leggings £33-37, fleece £43,
as stability and durability under a variety of weather conditions and vest £27, shorts £23 and running arm pocket £10
Skins that ensure greater breathability. In
The introduction of Skins latest, revolutionary ‘ICE’ styles will be of addition, the range uses Skins’ ‘CROM’
major interest to runners at all levels. These tops and tights create (Complete Range of Movement)
a cooling sensation over the body and help enable clearer technology to ensure greater comfort
thinking when under pressure. This is made possible by and freedom of movement.
Microencapsulation Technology (MET) – which embeds
thousands of tiny menthol microcapsules into the Skins’ Travel & Recovery tights will
garments. When these microcapsules are agitated (via also be of great appeal to runners –
perspiration, friction, pressure or rising body these can be worn both straight after
temperature), they release a cooling menthol substance exercise and overnight to ensure rapid
which stimulates thermo receptors on the skin’s surface. recovery from the exertions of hard training or a long
This triggers nerves which transmit signals to the brain that induce a sensation distance race. They are incredibly effective,
of “cold”. The muscles and skin are not actually being cooled, rather the surprisingly comfortable and above all, they really
perception is being created. Cooling the muscles would be detrimental, work.
especially during activity. ICE’s cooling abilities are boosted by Skins’ use of
mesh panels underneath the arms, behind the knees and in the crotch area Skins ICE tights and long sleeve top
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