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of gear for that matter. Yet in 35 years medicine, and tools which cover most want disclosure in advance of existing
of mucking about in boats, I’ve never of our medical needs, 3) a “hope not medical conditions such as diabetes.
heard two sailors discussing the best to use” kit containing supplies to aid Manage the Moment: An onboard
way to immobilize a fractured limb in more complex situation, such as IV medical emergency is bad enough, but
while at sea (I’d argue for a SAM kits, suture kits, and splints, and 4) a there is more to it than giving aid until
SPLINT®). Truth be told, the first time small first aid kit inside of our ditch professional help arrives. Other factors
Behan and I took a first aid course, bag. By dividing our medical supplies can complicate things: rough water,
I didn’t exactly embrace the idea of in groups, they are a little easier to keep navigation hazards, other boats nearby,
taking two days out to learn how to organized and accessible. significant gear failure, etc. There are
apply sterile bandages. This sentiment Other Preparations: A few simple many examples of captain and crew
wasn’t unique, as made clear by one steps here can make a huge difference. focusing on an injured person or a boat
couple in the course. The husband Include a small medical reference book problem and losing site of the broader
proclaimed that he was there only inside your medical kit and another situation around them, resulting in
because his wife insisted he go before reference book in your ship’s library. far worse problems. If your boating
she would go cruising. Just briefly Post a VHF cheat-sheet near the radio is usually short-handed, this is all the
into the course it was clear that there with step-by-step instructions for more reason to prepare and practice
is more to first aid then using paper broadcasting a distress call appropriate before something happens.
towels and Duct-Tape to prevent blood for the level of response required. Know We students of basic medical care
from getting on the deck. who is onboard. If you have guests add capability to any crew. We’ve
The notion of proactively preparing onboard, especially for multiple days, learned to take our own pulse before
to deal with health issues ranging from inquire about pre-existing medical rushing to administer first aid; and
general well being to severe trauma conditions. Be sure any medications know that there is no substitute for a
can seem overwhelming, scary, boring, for existing medical conditions are medical professional. We take comfort
icky, etc. Now, just imagine how scared onboard and accessible. An asthma knowing the signs of hypothermia
and helpless you’ll feel if you face a attack onboard and inhaler left at home or heat stroke so that we can get to
first aid situation in which required can be devastating. For longer passages, professional care quickly. In the words
professional medical help is one hour we ask for crew to complete a medical of Dr. Edwards,”You do the very best
away. Now imagine help is 12 hours history form. This can be sealed in an that you can.”
away. Onboard Totem, we found that envelope and not seen by us unless an 48° N
approaching this in smaller component emergency warrants it, although we
pieces makes it easier.
Back to School: An easy starting
point is to take a CPR course; they are
frequent and often free. Another easy
step is to reference medical resources
on the internet. Do a web search on
ships FREE
“first aid basics” and there is virtually
Ground UP
no end to the free resources from which
to learn. Of course this is no substitute
for class time with a qualified instructor.
One person onboard with medical
training is great; two people are better
in case the “medical officer” is also the
5hp – 2000hp
Business or Pleasure, AquaDrive will make on soft mounts needs total freedom of
Medical Kit: An appropriate first
your boat smoother, quieter and vibration movement from its propshaft if noise
aid kit should be as custom fit to your
free. and vibration are not to be transmitted to
needs as your mainsail is to your
The AquaDrive system solves a the hull. The AquaDrive provides just
rig. There are boating medical kits
problem nearly a century old; the fact this freedom of movement. Tests
available, varying in cost and content.
that marine engines are installed on soft proved that the AquaDrive with its
This may be a good start, but spend engine mounts and attached almost softer engine mountings can reduce
some time and go through the kit. rigidly to the propeller shaft. vibration by 95% and structure borne
Work with a medical course instructor
The very logic of AquaDrive is noise by 50% or more. For information,
or your doctor to add items pertinent
inescapable. An engine that is vibrating call Drivelines NW today.
to your needs. We opted to build our
own kits with the help of our medical
course instructor. Our four kits include:
1) a small fanny pack with basics for
cuts, strains, etc. that is easy to take on
“A-Northwest Legend for Over 25 Years”
beach/dinghy excursions, 2) a general
1943 4th Avenue South, SeAttle, WA 98134 • 206/622-8760
kit containing a broad range of supplies,
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