LEADER Contents Tech focus: Servers

A round up of the latest server technologies available for HPC Liquid cooling drives scientific research

As HPC systems increase density of hardware, liquid cooling becomes more important to support scientific research

Evaluating exascale ISC post-event coverage

Laboratory informatics AI in the lab

Digital journey

Sophia Ktori takes a look at the role software companies play in driving digital transformation in the laboratory

Cloud health

Robert Roe takes a look at how cloud is supporting next-generation healthcare and laboratory science

Modelling and simulation Visualising the future

Gemma Church examines the different ways visualisation is used to improve everything from cosmology to cardiovascular surgery

Resources Suppliers directory

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The path to exascale computing is defining a generation of HPC systems, finds Robert Roe


Robert Roe takes a look at the some of the biggest stories from this year’s ISC High Performance Digital Conference

Summer 2021 l Issue 176

Robert Roe Editor

High performance computing HPC Integration

Robert Roe takes a look at the value provided by HPC integrators Tech focus: cloud

A round-up of the latest cloud technologies available to scientists and researchers using HPC

12 14 4 10 Researching change 24

Robert Roe discusses how the use of AI is driving new areas of research in the laboratory and increasing the competitiveness of early adopters


In this issue of Scientific Computing World the content focuses on the ways that advanced computing technologies are changing the ways scientists conduct their research. From HPC centres to laboratories and engineering, computing technology is having a lasting impact and shifting the way that research is conducted. Whether it be AI driving new avenues in HPC, laboratory analysis, or how visualisation tools open up new possibilities in engineering – computing technologies are changing how research is conducted. The HPC coverage begins on page 4 with a feature taking a look at the value provided by integrators to support scientists. Next are two tech focus articles, on page 10 and 12 respectively, which take a look at cloud and server technologies. Next the topic shifts to exploring the roads that different organisations have taken to reach exascale, found on page 16. The final piece of HPC content for this issue on page 20 focuses on coverage of this year’s ISC conference. Page 24 kicks off the laboratory


informatics content for this issue with a feature focusing on the use of AI and how it is driving new areas of research in the laboratory. Following that is Sophia Ktori’s feature exploring the role software plays in digital transformation of the laboratory. On page 32, there is an article which

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looks at how cloud technology is supporting next generation laboratory research by enabling remote working and collaboration. FInally we have an article from Gemma Church, which can be found on page 35. This article focuses on the role of visualisation tools to support a wide variety of scientific research and engineering.


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