MotionBlitz CVR recording system Mikrotron has launched the MotionBlitz CVR recording system that combines an EoSens 4 megapixel CoaXPress colour camera remotely connected to an industrial-grade DVR. Te system is capable of recording video sequences of up to 12 seconds at 560 fps and 2,336 x 1,728 pixel resolution directly into RAM. Te recorder can download the RAM into the internal RAID drive in less than four minutes. Te camera and recorder can be configured to record up to 35,000 fps in smaller image formats as well. Te detachable camera can be fitted into tight spaces,

Calibir GXM LWIR series Teledyne Dalsa has introduced the Calibir GXM series of LWIR cameras. Te cameras are based on Teledyne Dalsa’s VGA 17µm microbolometer, which offers excellent Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD), and an updated calibration including customised gain correction on a per lens basis to offer better image performance and response uniformity. Calibir delivers accurate, repeatable results

for applications like detecting elevated skin temperature in fever screening. Te cameras

observing the event from up to 20 metres away. Te system can be used to analyse complex,

extremely fast production processes at resolutions down to the micrometre scale. Te recording station features 2TB storage capacity, and an onboard ring buffer that allows buffering of triggered events up to 12 seconds at full resolution and full speed. MotionBlitz Director2 imaging software, which is included, has recording and triggering settings, viewing and editing functions, image correction, comment functions, image data export, and multiple sync and trigger options.

will also be useful for machine vision, where synchronisation is required in an active inspection system, and in defence and security applications requiring low NETD and networked camera. Te Calibir GXM640 features both shutter

and shutterless operation and rapid image output on power up, while delivering uniform response over the entire operating temperature range. Tis makes the Calibir GXM640 ideal for thermal imaging applications requiring uninterrupted image acquisition.

HS7 high-speed camera Fastec Imaging has released the HS7 full HD high-speed camera. Designed primarily for laboratory and industrial use, the HS7 combines a high-speed camera with a dedicated controller. It is capable of recording 1080p at 2,500 fps, and is the first of Fastec Imaging’s new HS series cameras to be released. Te HS series includes cameras with resolutions ranging from HD (720p) to UHD (2,160p), and imaging rates exceeding 5 gigapixels per second. Te HS series is compatible with a wide

range of lenses and optical systems, as well as industry-standard displays, storage devices and other peripherals. Configurable I/O ports provide connectivity with other cameras, lights, triggers, and laboratory instruments for synchronisation and data acquisition. Te HS7 may be operated directly via the

dedicated controller or from any network- connected computer running Windows, MacOS, or Linux. Smartphone or tablet control is provided via a web browser, and an integrated TeamViewer client is available to provide remote support and control.

X-ray TDI camera Hamamatsu Photonics has developed an X-ray TDI camera, model C15400-30-50A, that has enhanced sensitivity to low energy X-rays. Tis camera gives high-contrast X-ray images of thin objects, such as thin aluminium sheets, and light-element materials including carbon fibre reinforced plastic. It is also designed for in-line non-destructive inspection of foodstuffs and industrial products. Te X-ray TDI camera captures X-ray images according to the difference in the amount | @imveurope

of X-ray transmission: areas with high X-ray transmission are bright and areas with low X-ray transmission are dark. High-contrast images can now be captured at

an energy of about 20 keV, which is lower than the energy level of 40 keV used for ordinary X-ray inspection. Moreover, employing a high-performance photodetector Hamamatsu developed in-house has boosted the signal readout speed to 153.8m/min, 1.8 times the ordinary speed for in-line inspection.

IMX183 uEye SE camera Te uEye SE camera family from IDS is now available with the rolling shutter IMX183 sensor from Sony. Te sensor has a resolution of 5,536 x 3,692 pixels. Te uEye SE cameras deliver 19.5fps and are

available in different versions, from compact, solid metal housings to practical board-level variants. Tese can be supplied with or without a front flange for integration into vision systems. Te camera family has a USB3 Vision interface, with an IMX183 version with GigE Vision interface planned for summer 2020. Te USB3 Vision cameras can be programmed with IDS Peak, the firm’s SDK.


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