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In-Sight D900 New from Cognex is its In-Sight D900 smart camera, featuring the firm’s ViDi deep learning software. Te camera is designed for in-line inspection applications including optical character recognition, assembly verification, and defect detection. Te system, which can be set up using

HiPe SenS SWIR camera NIT’s HiPe SenS SWIR camera is now available. Te camera is based on the company’s NSC1902T-SI sensor featuring low noise (40e- (1,500e-

) and low dark current per pixel per second at -20°C). HiPe

SenS can operate with an FPA temperature as low as -20°C with internal air cooling. Also, the small form factor means the camera can be easily integrated into microscope benches or any other optical devices. Te camera has a quantum efficiency of

90 per cent, an integration time of 10µs to 112 seconds, and a frame rate of up to 230fps full frame. Te HiPe SenS is available with a USB3.0 interface.

CB262 PCI Express camera New from Ximea is a 5K high-speed industrial camera based on the Gpixel GMAX0505 sensor. Te CB262 model offers 26-megapixel resolution at a data rate of 150 fps, when streaming at 10 bits in RAW image format. CB262 uses colour and monochrome versions

of GMAX0505, the latest CMOS sensor from Gpixel which has picture parameters close to sCMOS performance. Te sensor has a resolution of 5,120 x 5,120 pixels with a pixel size of 2.5µm, while providing a dynamic range of 70dB in 12-bit mode. C-mount lenses can still be used. Tere are various grades of GMAX0505

available and Ximea can supply multiple versions with different levels of quality and price. Te cameras can be equipped with a fan cooler, heat sink, or water cooler. Te camera has a PCI Express Gen3

interface with a bandwidth of 64Gb and real data throughput of 7,000 MB/s. No frame grabber is needed, and the PCIe interface

offers direct memory access with low CPU load and practically zero latency. Te cable length can reach up to 300m through fibre optic, and GPIO connectors ensure triggering and synchronisation. An optional active EF-mount lens interface gives remote control of aperture, focus and image stabilisation. Te camera


measures 60 x 70 x 40mm and weighs 250g. Ximea has also recently released the MX377

camera, based on the Gpixel Gsense6060 sCMOS sensor. Te sensor has 37.7 million 10µm pixels and offers image performance on par with CCDs in a CMOS architecture.

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a small number of sample images, makes use of Cognex’s spreadsheet platform which doesn’t require a PC or deep learning expertise to deploy. Te In-Sight D900 is ideal for automating inspection applications across a range of industries including automotive, consumer electronics, consumer products, packaging, food and beverage, medical devices, and logistics.

Pregius Gen4 sensors Matrix Vision will add Sony Pregius Gen4 sensors – IMX540 (24.6MP), IMX541 (20.4MP) and IMX542 (16.2MP) – to its Dual- GigE Vision and UBS3 Vision product ranges from Q3/2020. Te MvBlueCougar-XD, the MvBlueFox3-2, and the embedded vision solution MvBlueFox3-5M will all be available

with the new sensors. Sony’s Pregius Gen4 sensors improve on the performance of the IMX CMOS global shutter sensors, while still operateing with a cost-efficient C-mount lens. Te first prototypes of all camera models will be available in the third quarter of 2020.

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