FleXpress designed to reduce test time

Fitel S185 fusion splicers target speciality optical fibre splicing

Furukawa Electric’s Fitel S185 series of Fusion Splicers is specifically designed for splicing speciality optical fibres used in optical components, fiber lasers, and optical sensors. The range features three

splicers: the S185PM, the S185HS, and the S185LDF, with the S185PM and S185HS splicers designed for use

AFL’s FleXpress is the latest fast optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) test in the FlexScan family of pocket-sized OTDRs. With OTDRs often requiring

around a full minute to characterise a single optical fibre at 1310 and 1550nm, the new OTDR test mode is designed to speed up the process, completing dual-wavelength network verification in less than five seconds per fibre. It includes automated remote

control of AFL optical switches for testing MPO connections and/or high-fibre-count cables, and stores test results automatically in Telcordia- compatible .SOR files, which can be uploaded for reporting using the TRM 2.0 Test Results Manager software. FleXpress is available as a

free update to FlexScan FS200- 300 (1310/1550nm) and FS200- 304 (1310/1550/1650nm) point-to-point and PON OTDRs.

View 900 cable antenna analyser introduced to US market

NetComm expands portfolio with reverse-powered DPUs

NetComm has expanded its Distribution Point Unit (DPU) portfolio, adding new form factors in order to allow for a wider range of deployment models. Connecting the last part of the fibre network can be the most

challenging, with a significant number of homes currently under-served and looking for higher-speed alternatives. The company says that reverse powered DPUs could offer the missing link between the fibre running in the street and the copper lead-in, resolving the major concerns and challenges operators have with other deployment options. Reverse Powering multi-port DPUs comes with its own challenges,

as the DPU needs to be powered even when only one end-user is connected and the power needs to be equally shared when more subscribers are taking on the service. As such, NetComm now has commercially available reverse-powered DPUs of 4, 8 and 16 ports, in order to cater for different deployment models and multi-dwelling unit sizes. The company’s 4-port DPUs are currently in deployment in the NBNCo FTTC network and the 8 and 16 port versions will be introduced early this year.

Inno Instrument brought its View 900 cable antenna analyser to the American market at the Cable Tech Expo in Atlanta. The analyser inspects communication defects and losses of

various types of cell site transmission lines, including cell phone base stations. It is used to measure and analyse the power loss ratio due to mismatch of antenna and RF cable, defect location of disconnection and RF cable damages. With user convenience, alongside accurate and secure RF

measurement capabilities, the View 900 features a high-resolution touch screen, intuitive user interface (GUI) composed of graphics, and a high-capacity battery that can be used for long periods of time.

with PM fibre for optical components. Features include low splice

loss for greater accuracy in fibre alignment; a compact main body/footprint; portability with easy operation using an LCD screen with touch panel; and clamp soft-landing, which reduces the chance of damage if a clamp is detached from the canopy.

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