Products Launching Ada!

Editage has launched Ada, an automated document assessment solution designed to assess scientific content in research. Ada is named after Ada Lovelace, who

worked on Babbage’s Analytical Engine and is regarded as the first computer programmer. Ada automatically assesses the quality of a submitted research manuscript vis-à-vis its readability and adherence to certain ethical requirements, saving time and effort required at multiple stages of the publication process, the company says. Unlike other automated assessment

tools, Editage says, Ada has been designed to assess scientific content and offers high levels of customisation. Nishchay Shah, vice president for

technology at Cactus Communications, explained how Ada works: ‘Ada accepts text as input and outputs, a quality score that allows publishers to “green flag” the paper for peer review. ‘We allow publishers to customise their database and rulesets, which means the solution can be customised to a particular journal or subject area. The publisher can even customise the stringency of the assessment for different journals, paper types, or stage of publication cycle.’

Ada Lovelace

Altmetric Badges for Books implemented by IntechOpen

IntechOpen has become the first fully open access (OA) book publisher to implement Altmetric Badges for Books, allowing authors to easily see where their work is getting attention online. The company says its Altmetric badges gives readers, authors and editors an ‘at-a- glance’ summary of the online engagement relating to an individual book or chapter – giving a greater insight into exactly how the work is being used and shared. Authors can trace coverage in popular media, identify their work’s influence in public policy, and see where a title is featured in academic syllabi. ‘IntechOpen helps authors find a wider audience for their research, not only from their field of study, but also from

related fields as well,’ said Alex Lazinica, CEO/co-founder of IntechOpen. ‘Altmetric badges showcase

the extent of the content’s dissemination in outlets such as news, blogs, social media and public policy documents, as well as commentaries from experts and practitioners. It is just amazing to see how far scientific content can reach when published OA; all this leads to one mutual goal of speeding up discovery and scientific progress.’ Altmetric’s CEO Kathy Christian added: ‘We’re really pleased to be working with IntechOpen to support their efforts to make books more visible and more accessible. The Altmetric data available via the badges will give particularly useful feedback for

38 Research Information August/September 2018

authors seeking to understand how their work is having an influence within – and beyond – the scholarly community.’ IntechOpen was the first book publisher to implement Dimensions badges, too, which show citations in a new way. IntechOpen is an OA scientific book publisher, with more than 3,350 published OA books to date, and 1.7 million downloads of scientific chapters and books in the last year. More than 107,500 researchers have published their research on the IntechOpen platform. ‘After publishing their

research, academic authors’ most important need is to know where it is cited, which is why we jumped to implement Dimension badges, which are both visually pleasing and thought provoking,’ said

Lazinica. ‘Dimensions badges showcase not only the number of citations, but also Altmetric data, which gives a more complete picture of research influence.’

By clicking on the badges,

readers can see: the frequency of citations; where they have come from; and how they compare with similar books. The Dimensions badges

showcase the number of citations a book has received from other scholarly publications indexed in Dimensions, a research insights database that enables users to explore more than four billion connections between more than 128 million articles, books, clinical trials, patents and other research outputs.

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