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Are your readers who you expect? Altmetric Badges for Books Altmetric

For academic journal articles Altmetric badges are a widely used and well understood measurement of impact. Historically, due to both complexities in the data and differences in the way audiences engage with the content, it has been more difficult to provide the same kind of insights into the impact of books and book chapters – until now.

Escaping the silo Digital Science

How Dimensions allows publishers and institutions to escape the limitations of siloed data... Since Dimensions launched in January, Digital Science has been talking and writing about how the platform breaks down barriers between different types information that have previously been siloed. But how do silos develop and why are they so damaging?

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EBSCO partners with publishers to expand DRM- free options for libraries EBSCO

EBSCO Information Services is releasing a new DRM-free e-book solution in April, and is leading the way in user experience and library choice.

Bookmetrix: Demonstrating the power of books in academic research Springer Nature

Until recently, the evaluation of research output and impact has focused largely on journal articles. Much less attention was paid to the relative impact of research published in books prior to the launch of Bookmetrix in 2015. Developed in partnership with metrics provider Altmetric, the platform hosts data for more than 260,000 books and over 4.5 million chapters, all of which is freely available to users.

How do we break down the barriers between academia and practice? Emerald Group Publishing

Academia and industry working together toward a common goal: to make the world a better place. Most of us would agree this is a worthy aspiration. But if the consensus is that we need to tear down the silos, roll up our sleeves, and work together, why is it that collaboration is more often the exception than the rule?

What does it take to run an access management federation? OpenAthens

As digital resources have become the standard for accessing many types of information, access management federations have emerged as a crucial part of the knowledge economy. Identity providers such as universities or corporations, and service providers such as publishers, rely on federations to connect individual users within an organisation to the digital resources they hold subscriptions for.

Tackling the challenges of academic co-authorship Taylor & Francis Group

A new white paper published by Taylor & Francis Group has revealed that researchers may not be equipped to cope with the ethical questions that academic co-authorship brings, despite its significant growth in the humanities and social sciences. These findings come from a survey of 894 researchers working in 62 countries; a collaboration between Taylor & Francis and Professor Bruce Macfarlane of the University of Bristol.

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Emerald Reach Emerald Publishing

Emerald Reach is based on insights from authors, librarians, and the broader open access community. We asked: ‘When you’re looking for an open access publisher, what do you wish for?’ They told us that quality is, and always will be, at the top of their list. Beyond that, most important is achieving maximum reach and impact for research. And so, we got to work to develop an open access programme that would do just that.

How hard can it be? Westchester Publishing Services

‘How hard can it be?’ is a question either explicitly or implicitly asked by many of our publisher clients, about many things: transforming LaTeX into XML, or Word into InDesign, or PDF into EPUB3... or turning any author-provided manuscript into perfectly paginated and typeset pages, and PDF, and EPUB, and XML. After all, Microsoft Word can produce an EPUB file. How hard can it be?

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