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August/September 2018 l Issue 97 4 A cautious revolution?

As the open access landscape grows in volume and complexity, Rebecca Pool asks whether calls for caution should be heard

10 The meaning of semantics 16 Building the next generation 18 An impact way beyond the EU

Four industry figures discuss the latest developments around semantic enrichment with Tim Gillett

John Sack, founding director of HireWire Press, describes some key moments during his time in the industry

Scott Macdonald outlines the European data law – and potential repercussions and solutions for librarians

20 An increasingly digitally focused world 22 A messy world: managing research data 24 UK research universities already ‘open doors’ 26 Publishing practices in the global south 28 Facing up to the challenge

Jude Towers and David Ellis discuss practices in the evolving world of 24/7 data generation

Adam Tickell outlines the open access achievements UK research universities can be proud of

Journals in the developing world face challenges in the wider international research landscape, says Siân Harris

Bespoke London venue to host Research Information event, Challenges in the Scholarly Publishing Cycle 2018

30 Royal touch for ALPSP conference 32 Events round-up

34 News and products Awards finalists named as event moves to Windsor, UK

A brief preview of the Internet Librarian International and Taxonomy Boot Camp events in London this autumn

A melange of morcels from around the industry

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Kristina Symes considers the key issues librarians face in relation to enabling access to research online

It seems barely possible that just 11 years ago this magazine carried its first feature on the subject of semantic enrichment, following the news that RSC Publishing had become the first primary research publisher to offer semantically- enriched articles. Fast-forward to 2018 and publishers are increasingly moving away from viewing content as something that is static and single-use; instead approaching content as something dynamic and flexible, which can be enriched and enhanced to create multiple outputs. In our feature on page 10, we speak to four industry experts who define, describe and deliver their own interpretations of what semantic enrichment represents – and offer some predictions for how the concept will develop in coming years.

In our other set-piece feature,

Rebecca Pool takes a look at the open access landscape – which is growing fast in terms of volume and complexity – and asks whether calls for caution throughout the industry deserve to be heard. As usual we have a pleasing array

of contributed analysis and opinion pieces, on subjects including the main elements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how academic librarians need to react to them, and on the problems introduced by so-called messy data. As well as all the latest news

and product releases, this issue is rounded off with an interview with the founder of HighWire Press, John Sack.


Leader: Tim Gillett Mining a rich seam

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