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2 & 3 Soft target takes

tough blows for ADAS Foldable guided soft vehicle provides reusable target for ADAS and vehicle autonomy test houses.

5 Torque Sense Motor manufacturer opts for bespoke in-house test equipment based around piezo-electric torque transducers.

6 Test Invest Down

Under The Australian Government has invested in crash test facilities to address the next wave of vehicle safety improvements.

9 Ultra Fast

Oscilloscope High performance oscilloscope delivers a combination of measurement accuracy and high speed acquisition.

10 New companies New companies at

12 Battery Powerhouse An advanced battery development suite will be built at UK vehicle proving ground to provide expertise in future power trains.

15, 16 & 18 Company Guide A guide to Testing & Test House related suppliers.

20 Acoustic Shock

Rattles Telescope The Webb space telescope is undergoing extreme acoustic and vibration testing to assess its launch capability.

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China laboratory to provide future hub for metrology

International cooperation is set to result in a Sino-UK smart metrology centre being established in China.


uilding on its success in developing a £40 million specialist metrology centre with the vision of transforming UK

manufacturing performance, the University of Huddersfield in now expanding its expertise beyond national boundaries. The existing EPSRC funded Future

Metrology Hub is aimed at delivering significant improvements in the speed, accuracy and cost of measurement, something which attracted the attention of Shanghai University. The two academic institutions are now looking to build a China-UK collaborative smart metrology centre in China. Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) was recently represented by its

Vice-President Professor Xi LiFeng, who paid a fact-finding visit to the University of Huddersfield’s Centre for Precision Technologies and met its Director and Professor of Precision Metrology, Dame Xiangqian Jiang.

During the visit, the University of Huddersfield’s Vice-Chancellor,

Professor Bob Cryan, signed a memorandum of understanding, laying the ground for future co-operation in scientific research and exchange programmes for students and teachers to take place between the two institutions in the field of metrology. Professor Xi expressed his interest in building a collaborative centre in Shanghai with the EPSRC Future Metrology Hub. “Shanghai Jiao Tong University is looking forward to complementing research interests and strengths with the Future Metrology Hub to build a world-class metrology centre in Shanghai to serve manufacturing industry in China and the UK.” The Future Metrology Hub’s Director of Operations, Simon McKenna, said the visit was a great success and there was plenty of scope for further collaboration between the two universities. “The SJTU team members share many of our research interests

and goals around smart and digital manufacturing and, like us, are committed to turning high quality research into practical industrial applications. We talked about a number of opportunities to work together in the future and will be developing these plans over the coming months,” he said.

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❱ ❱ Professor Dame Xiangqian Jiang is playing a central role in building cooperation between the Universities of Huddersfield and Shanghai in advanced metrology

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