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Airbus Defence and Space Anchorage Road, Portsmouth PO3 5PU,

Hampshire, UK TEL: +44 (0)2392 705014 FAX: +44 (0)2392 708278 EMAIL: WEBSITE: equipment/about-airbus-defence-space-test- laboratories.html CONTACT: Chris Daly, Environmental Test Manager

Environmental engineering department with over 40 years’ experience in Vibration, Shock, EMC, Climatic, Centrifuge and Thermal Vacuum testing to space extremes.

Acceleration Centrifuges

Chamber – anechoic Chamber – anechoic (RF) Chamber – EMC test Chamber – humidity Clean room services Clean room vibration Climatic Electrical fast transients Electro magnetic compatibility/EMC Electro magnetic pulse Electrostatic discharge EMI shielding Emission sampling and analysis Environmental testing Magnetic susceptibility Mains harmonics and flicker Radiated emissions RF susceptibility Shock – analysis/measurement Shock – basic pulse Shock – mechanical Shock – shock response spectrum UKAS Vacuum Vacuum – temperature Vibration – combined Vibration – random Vibration – shock Vibration – sinusoidal Vibration testing

For nearly 50 years, Chell’s engineers have designed and built bespoke test and calibration systems for National Measurement Institutions and demanding sensor and meter manufacturers alike. All pressure, vacuum and gas flow based systems are calibrated in our BS/EN/ISO/IEC 17025-2005 accredited UKAS Calibration laboratory.

Calibration – pressure Calibration – vacuum Flight test and instrumentation ISO 17025 ISO 9001 Leak detection Pressure measurement UKAS Vacuum Vacuum gauges

European Test Services (ETS) B.V. Keplerlaan 1, Noordwijk 2201AZ,The Netherlands TEL: +31 715655969 FAX: +31 715655659 EMAIL: WEBSITE: CONTACT: Alexander Kübler, Commercial & Projects Manager

European Test Services (ETS) B.V. maintains and operates the test centre of the “European Space Agency” (ESA) based in the Netherlands. ETS provides test facility services to industry in the domains of shock, vibration, acoustic noise, thermal vacuum, space simulation, EMC and more.

Environmental Test Services Ltd Unit 38,

Suttons Business Park, Suttons Park Avenue, Reading RG6 1AZ, Berkshire, UK TEL: +44 (0)118 966 2724 FAX: +44 (0)118 966 9023 EMAIL: WEBSITE: CONTACT: Steve Abraham, Laboratory Manager

ETS is an independent UK company based in the Thames Valley and holds accreditations to ISO 17025. ETS offers a wide range of test services, performing tests to BS EN 60068, DEF-STAN 00 -35 and MIL-STD-810 and other specifications and to customer’s individual requirements. A UKAS accredited testing laboratory No 1909.

BS 9000 IECQ Bump test

Chell Instruments Ltd Folgate House, Folgate Road,

North Walsham NR28 0AJ, Norfolk UK TEL: +44 (0)1692 500555 FAX: +44 (0)1692 500088 EMAIL: WEBSITE: CONTACT: Jamie Shannahan, Sales Manager

10 /// Testing & Test Houses 2018

Chamber – altitude Chamber – hot and cold Chamber – humidity Drop testing Dust testing Environmental testing Humidity IP testing Salt spray Shock – mechanical Shock – thermal UKAS Vibration testing

Acoustic – reverberation chamber Electro magnetic compatibility/EMC EMC – test chambers Mechanical testing Modal analysis Moment of inertia Shock – shock response spectrum Vacuum – temperature Vibration testing Vibration three-axis

HITEK Electronic Materials Ltd 15 Wentworth Road, Scunthorpe DN17 2AX,

North Lincolnshire, UK TEL: +44 (0)1724 851678 FAX: +44 (0)1724 280586 EMAIL: WEBSITE: CONTACT: Louisa Coombs, Digital Marketing Assistant

HITEK™ supply V Technical Textiles portable shielding enclosures from the Shieldex range, creating an environment that is isolated from electromagnetic interference (EMI). Designed for applications that require an interference free environment; for design verification, performance testing, pre-compliance tests, production line measurements and quality assurance tests.

Chamber – EMC test Chamber – Faraday Conductive fabrics Elastomers Electro magnetic compatibility/EMC EMI shielding ISO 9001 Microwave absorbers Seals – gasket/packings Shielded rooms

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