Higher performance oscilloscope brings function and speed improvements for test and measurement operations.

Ultra Fast Oscilloscope

data acquisition and measurement tasks. To meet these demands, Rohde & Schwarz has introduced


a new high performance oscilloscope with innovative signal integrity, higher measurement speed and an expanded range of functions. The high performance R&S RTP oscilloscope family has

an ultra fast acquisition rate of one million waveforms per second, real time compensation of transmission losses (de- embedding) between the signal source and oscilloscope, and silent operation even at full load.

HIGH PERFORMANCE During the development of the new oscilloscope family, the innovative test and measurement company particularly focused on measurement accuracy, speed, a wide range of functions and future-proof technology. The R&S RTP is particularly suited to debugging embedded components with fast digital or wideband RF interfaces. To this end, the instrument is available as a 4 GHz, 6 GHz or 8 GHz model. In standard acquisition mode, it can measure a million

waveforms per second, making it more than a thousand times faster than other oscilloscopes in its class. This helps users to find sporadic errors much faster. It also compensates transmission losses from the signal source to the oscilloscope (de-embedding) in real time. The advantage is that the oscilloscope is still extremely fast even with signal correction activated. And thanks to its unique digital trigger architecture, it can precisely trigger on compensated signals. A further feature of the R&S RTP oscilloscope that saves

developers a lot of time is hardware acceleration for a range of analysis functions. Mask tests, histograms and frequency domain analyses can be performed at high speed for fast results with high statistical reliability.

s test houses increase the range of their activities across a broader and more complex spectrum of technologies, there is a corresponding increase in the reliance they have on high performance instrumentation for

❱ ❱ The R&S RTP high performance oscilloscope provides test and measurement engineers with higher speeds, more functions and the ability to perform future upgrades

COMBINED INSTRUMENT FUNCTIONS Rohde & Schwarz believes the R&S RTP combines multiple instruments better than any other oscilloscope in its class. 16 logic channels, four voltage channels and four current measurement channels are available in addition to the analogue oscilloscope channels. It supports protocol analysis of serial bus interfaces and offers powerful spectrum and signal analysis functions. Thanks to its wide range of tools, users can test many different types of signals from complex circuits time-correlated with each other with just one T&M instrument, and find related errors faster. The instrument also addresses electronics developers in the wide-base market, particularly in the fields of aerospace and defence, automotive and telecommunications. It is ideal for debugging electronic circuits with different signals during development, including high-speed buses (USB, PCI Express, MIPI, etc.), multichannel RF interfaces (radio or radar), DDR memory interfaces, complex power management units and even simple control and programming buses (I2C, SPI, etc.). The R&S RTP can test all applications where high-resolution signals need to be measured with a wide dynamic range and high sensitivity in the time and frequency domains. Despite this range of functions, the R&S RTP is the most compact high-performance oscilloscope on the market, with a footprint up to 40 percent lower than conventional models. Thanks to the sophisticated cooling concept and the silent fans, the quiet instrument never disturbs lab operations. Additionally, when testing requirements increase, the measurement bandwidth, memory depth and range of functions can easily be upgraded with hardware and software options. Rohde & Schwarz is also planning additional enhancements to the instrument, including more hardware options, such as a generator module with two analogue and eight digital channels and a 16 GHz differential pulse source.

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