INDUSTRIAL POWER SUPPLY FOR I4.0 APPLICATIONS The BEO series AC/DC switching power supply has been added to the range supplied by Bicker Elektronik. The 80W fanless power supply with contact cooling is supplied in a space- saving form factor of 2”x4”. With forced air-cooling, up to 150W continuous power is available. The BEO-0800 series is also characterised by its high efficiency of up to 91 per cent and low standby consumption <0.48W. The rugged and reliable

industrial power supplies have a wide-range input of 90-264VAC with active power factor correction for worldwide use and are certified to IEC/EN/UL62368-1. Very good electromagnetic compatibility means the BEO-0800 series meets the stricter class B of EN55032. The space-saving BEO-0800 series is suitable for a large

❱❱ Fanless power supply with conduction cooling suitable for embedded applications

number of fanless industrial applications and embedded IPC systems with single voltage supply: Industry 4.0 /IIoT, automation, process measurement and control technology etc.


An interface screen has been developed that combines touchscreen technology with clickable button interface under a seamless screen Touch technology specialist

Zytronic has produced a capacitive user interface that combines a dynamic touch area with surrounding capacitive keys. The ZyBrid VK can improve the design of human interface devices (HID) for a wide range of applications that prove challenging to conventional approaches. Using touchscreens like

mobile phone interfaces is desirable for control panels and test instrumentation but they add significant cost and weight as well as increasing power consumption. To overcome this while retaining the touch screen advantages, the ZyBrid VK allows the use of a small touch screen with non-mechanical printed and fixed keys in the

same glass surface. This creates a seamless, completely sealable user interface, with no holes or gaps to trap dirt or allow liquid ingress. Zytronic’s technology will

detect multiple simultaneous fingers, conductive styli and even gloved or dirty hands, through glass thicknesses of 10mm or more. The ZyBrid VK is suited to a

wide range of applications, even ones that may be subjected to vibration, shock and dirt from the operator’s hands. Other areas that benefit from the sealed nature of the seamless, glass-to-glass edged design is food processing and medical industries where hygienic design is of primary importance. The flat surface with no

embedded mechanical switches or crevices can be quickly and effectively cleaned, and the inert glass surface is relatively immune to harsh chemicals.

COMPOSITES CENTRE FOR AUTOMOTIVE COMPONENTS A new test and development centre for automotive composites has opened in Wuppertal, Germany where Teijin Automotive Centre Europe will carry out design, prototyping, testing and evaluation of automotive components. Behind the investment lies the ongoing shift towards

connected autonomous vehicles (CAV) that demand more lightweight and multifunctional components and assemblies. The new centre will be a focal

point for Teijin’s operations to speed up concept, design, prototyping and the evaluation of technological proposals developed by the company. Combined with the company’s

recent acquisition of Continental Structural Plastics (CSP) along with Inapal Plásticos of Portugal and Benet Automotive of the Czech Republic, Teijin will be in a strong position to supply the material requirements to the emerging CAV markets.

❱❱ German test centre will focus on the development, prototyping and evaluation of composites for the automotive industry

TOOL STEEL SPRINGS TEST WELL FOR HIGH TEMPERATURES Spring specialists in Sweden have recently made prototypes and performed tests on springs in a new, cost-effective material that can withstand high temperatures. Following demand for compression springs to suit large valve actuators, Swedish company Lesjöfors carried out

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