University of Southampton upgrades security systems across entire campus

remain compliant with building regulations. If faulty, access solutions can affect the entire running of a building and its overall security. As such, dormakaba provide a bespoke, web-based integrated management system – certified to PAS99. This ensures peace of mind as the service contract delivers reduced breakdowns, extended operation life, low rate of repairs and increased security and safety. dormakaba service and maintenance

contracts are tailored to suit the specific requirements of the business, including how frequently the buildings are used and plans for future modernisation. The 5 Star contract includes a full years servicing for one price, planned preventative maintenance (PPM), call-outs within working hours and all labour and parts free of charge for necessary replacements. The comprehensive policy ensures peace of mind in regard to yearly budgeting - allowing businesses and organisations to place their focus elsewhere. The 5 Star service package includes the


CCESS and security solutions manufacturer dormakaba has secured a new three-year service

contract with the University of Southampton, to provide its 5 Star service programme to access systems throughout the campus. As one of the largest campuses in the

UK, the University of Southampton was looking to combine all access solutions,

new installations and service maintenance programmes with one company. With a working relationship lasting over 10 years with the university, dormakaba’s historic knowledge of the site helped secure the three-year contract. For a high traffic campus like the

University of Southampton, it is crucial that systems and access solutions continue to work efficiently, safely and

servicing of non-dormakaba equipment too – allowing all access needs to be met from one sole supplier. Mick Garner, Estates and Facilities

Manager at Southampton University, commented: “The majority of our access systems onsite are dormakaba, they run a great service, always have the parts required and their engineers have outstanding technical knowledge.”

Easy recharging facility in high-tech chair A

IRWAVE is a new modular seating solution that can incorporate wireless charging for mobiles and

USB power for other devices. Launched by the furniture supplier,

Protocol, AirWave can be configured for use in various flexible learning spaces within higher education including classrooms, libraries, reception and communal areas. Break-out areas with pods and high-backed sofas are becoming integral to today’s student experience, creating communal study areas but also the option for students to remove themselves and work individually. This agile approach to learning is

mirroring the current trend in workplace design, with focus on personal wellness being linked to productivity. People are more productive in their studies and collaborate more effectively with peers in

24 highereducationestates

the right environments. This allows universities to support their students by empowering choice through the ability to select the surroundings that best suit their needs for the task at hand. AirWave by Protocol incorporates low,

medium and high back chairs and sofas with short, medium and long wave configurations. Seating variations include ottomans and benches that can be arranged in linear or curved series, followed by configurations of single and double seats that offer more privacy and comfort. The incorporation of AirCharge and USB

power into the AirWave system allows for easy recharging of phone and laptops, when and where students require it most.

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