Longwell Green Lifestyle Centre to deliver new community services

Circadian Trust is to introduce new community services following the £1.5m extension and refurbishment of Longwell Green Lifestyle Centre in South Gloucestershire. The redevelopment, completed in late 2017, was delivered by Alliance Leisure in conjunction with Createability, and funded by South Gloucestershire Council. The results of the redevelopment have

enabled the centre to meet growing public demand for its facilities, including a new entrance and the refurbishment of the main foyer and reception area; new changing rooms; an extension to the gym and a new group exercise studio. The 10-month project also included arrangements to make the centre more accessible for disabled members. In addition to a variety of new exercise classes which are aimed at people of all levels of fitness, Circadian Trust is also currently developing a GP referral scheme at the centre, which will make full use of the new facilities. Ben Beasley, director of commercial

development at Circadian Trust says of the project, “Our mission at Circadian Trust is ‘Inspiring Active Lifestyles’ and we use our knowledge, expertise and support to encourage people to become active and lead a healthy lifestyle. The redevelopment at Longwell Green gives us even more facilities, equipment and opportunity to deliver this mission.” Longwell Green Lifestyle Centre is one of

seven Circadian Trust leisure sites and sports centres across South Gloucestershire.

Water Babies plan to build its own swim centres

Water Babies, specialists in baby and toddler swimming, plans to open four new swim centres in Europe and Asia this year. The franchise, which has been operating on

a business model that relies on hiring pool space, has decided to adapt its model by building its own centres rather than renting space, firstly in Shenzhen and Zhuhai, China, then in Stirling, Scotland and finally in the German city of Munster. Water Babies teaches babies from birth

how to swim in warm water in around 560 centres, mainly across the UK. The business usually operates from leisure centres and gym facilities, however the company is increasingly finding it difficult to find facilities of high enough quality for their classes. Chris Broadbent from Water Babies explains


that one difficulty in aquiring space is down to the fact that “we also insist on using pools that are 30 degrees or 32 degrees for babies that are under 12 weeks.” This means the company is often only able to operate out of privately- owned pools. This move, which will be completed with

Italian pool building firm Myrtha Pools, signals a transformation in the company’s future plans. “In building our own centres, we can have

definite guaranteed access to the right quality of pool for the long-term sustainability of our business, and the best tailor-made environment possible for our clients,” says Broadbent. The company’s long-term vision is to have

a network of Water Babies Centres from which it operates.

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