Cooking for family and preparing intimate meals for two - the two most enjoyable ways to use culinary skills

Cooking a wholesome meal for the family is the very best way to spend time in the kitchen, according to a survey from David Wilson Homes across South Wales.

Asking 2,000 people which type of cooking they like best, the five star housebuilder received an overwhelming response - with more than half of those asked saying they’d rather feed their closest relatives than rustle up an intimate dinner for two (14 per cent).

“Since our buyers tell us the kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in the new homes we build, we thought we’d find out how people like to spend their time there,” said sales director, Richard Lawson. “It’s wonderful that so many enjoy cooking for their loved ones. They’re


not always so keen to bake with their children though - only seven per cent said that was their favourite way to show off their culinary skills. A big surprise, given the popularity of Great British Bake Off.

“Some of those we asked said they liked to cook for friends and host dinner parties (12 per cent) - and that’s certainly easy in our homes. We know what a sociable place the kitchen can be, so our designers

New homes across South Wales have kitchens that are perfect for keen cooks

provide an array of house type layouts - providing all the space people need to entertain guests whilst cooking. “With increasingly busy lifestyles, many of us are guilty of opting for fast food from time to time - but it’s great that people are still finding time to cook from scratch. And our kitchens - with plenty of work space and room for various gadgets - certainly encourage people to do just that.” David Wilson Homes is building quality new homes at a number of developments across South Wales including The Acres in Pontypool and St James’ Gardens in Cowbridge. For more information about home designs offering kitchens that are perfect for budding cooks, please call 0844 5710 385 or visit

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