David Wilson Homes is building new homes at Te Acres in Pontypool


Paying out for expensive smart home devices is a big ‘no no’ for many, according to a recent survey carried out by David Wilson Homes. Te five star housebuilder, which is building new homes across South Wales, asked 2,000 people what would most put them off investing in the hi-tech equipment, and almost half (40 per cent) said cost was a significant factor. 15 per cent were daunted by the idea of setting up, while 13 per cent said they just didn’t understand the devices. Another 15 per cent were worried about the possibility of being hacked. “Smart devices can be expensive, so it’s no surprise that so many of those we asked were put off by cost,” said sales director, Richard Lawson. “Tere are bargains to be had, but you have to be very careful when choosing

because setting up and security are a very real concern too. “In fact a spate of security breaches has prompted the UK government to announce guidelines in a bid to make internet-connected services safer to use. Passwords, for example, are paramount.” As well as stricter guidance on passwords and encryption recommendations, the government’s Security by Design review calls for device manufacturers to make it easier for consumers to delete personal data. It also requests easier installation and maintenance. “Te number of households owning smart devices is on the rise, but the worries raised in our survey are very much reflected in the government’s own review,” added Richard. “Tere is much that manufacturers

Housebuilder searching for new apprentices in South Wales

can do to make buying new technology for the home a more attractive prospect - and price, ease-of-use and security are very much top of the list. “Tere are of course huge benefits to be had from internet-connected devices, and they truly can have a tremendously positive effect on the lives of those who use them. But they must be safe and easy-to- understand for all. “Te hope is that these new guidelines will give more people the confidence to give them a go in their own homes.” David Wilson Homes is bringing new homes to South Wales including at Springfield Gardens in Cardiff, Te Acres in Pontypool and St James’ Gardens in Cowbridge. To find out more, visit

Barratt Homes is continuing its positive work to support local employment by creating six new roles to develop talent across South Wales in the construction industry. The leading housebuilder, which has its regional base in Cardiff, aims to recruit six new trade apprentices specialising in bricklaying and carpentry to work across its local developments. Managing director Steve Williams said, “The construction industry is continuing to grow and this is an exciting time for anyone with an interest in housebuilding to join a market leading company. “As one of the country's top developers we are absolutely committed to developing raw talent and I believe that we have a duty to provide these kinds of apprenticeship opportunities,” he said. “Barratt is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year and we are extremely proud of our apprenticeship scheme and the talented team members that have passed through it and stayed with the company over the years.”

The new trade apprentices, who start in September, will be based on a housing development site in South Wales and will learn skills in bricklaying or joinery from experienced tradespeople for four days a week. They will also spend one day a week at college undertaking a qualification in their chosen field. All programmes are well structured and tailored to individual needs. Apprentices will receive encouragement, support and guidance to help them develop, giving the skills and qualifications for a successful career. “Our successful apprentices go on to have amazing careers with us and they play an important part in developing our talent of the future. By learning and providing new skills they help us to meet the future challenges of the housebuilding industry,” added Steve. For further information about the roles available and to apply visit

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