CLUES ACROSS 7 Axe (4) 8 Loveable (8) 9 Soft furnisher (11) 11 Carbon (4) 12 Harsh sounding (8) 13 Cut short (5, 3) 15 Sail spar (4) 16 Pleasant but sad (11) 18 Scorn (8) 19 Jug (4)

CLUES DOWN 1 Wood substitute (9) 2 Shoot (6) 3 Moving moment (7, 2, 4) 4 Time of verity (6, 2,5) 5 Cake (6) 6 Beer (3) 10 Weather indicator (9) 14 Fly (6) 15 Ball thrower (6) 17 Small child (3)

VENETIAN BLIND - brown wood, 177.5cm wide x 151.5cm drop, unused, cost £96, sell for £45ono. Tel. 01792 893140

DOLLS HOUSE - large, pink with some family and furniture, £80. Tel. 02920 693112

MARINE PRINT ‘MARY ROSE’ - by Mark R Myers, highly collectable. Tel. 01633 421962

FENDER ACOUSTIC GUITAR - new, cost £158, sell for £70. Mobility aid, 3 wheel, good condition, £10. Tel. 01656 720504


OLD GARDEN BENCH - £190. older table and chairs, strong £18ono. Tel. 01656 661178 SMALL BOXES OF DISHES - suitable for car boot, £1 and £2 box. Tel. 01656 661178 OVER BED TABLE - 1 fixed top, 1 tilings top, as new £30. Tel. 02920 762587 COMMODE


stainless steel, wheels, foot rests, seat cover, new £40. Tel. 02920 762587 WHEEL CHAIR - small wheels, folding £25ono. Tel. 02920



Name..................................................................... Address.................................................................


Post Code ............................................................. Tel No ....................................................................

Email ..................................................................... Post or Deliver to: Cardiff & South Wales Advertiser, Free Ads, Mackintosh House, 136 Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24 1DJ Fax on: 029 2040 2744 or e.mail: or fill in the online form at:

2 CHAIRS - indoor/ outdoor, grey, text mat, excellent condition, £20. Tel. 01792 911354

VINYL RECORDS - singles,

big bands, excellent condition. Tel. 01792 872274



original 1950, £20. Victorian dressing table, swing mirror £30. Tel. 02920 383880

SMALL DRESSER - white wood, kidney shape, 3 mirrors, 6 drawers, £5. Victorian jug and bowl, £6. Tel. 02920 383880 NEW SLATES - approx 200, new, 300 x 600mm, black and blue, £35. Two 1930 mantle clocks, £5. Tel. 02920 383880 KITCHEN AID MIXER - Yellow, Hardly Used, Instruction Manual Incl. Excellent Condition £120. Newport. Tel. 07944 151275

ROCKING CHAIR - Wooden, Polished Light Oak, Excellent Condition. £30 Must collect from Newport Tel. 07944 151 275 PAIR BRISTOL GOBLETS


hallmarked gold and silver in elegant presentation boxes. Made to commemorate closure of Bristol assay office. Limited number made. £800 ono. Tel 01792 402207

20 - Friday 30th March 2018 - Cardiff & South Wales Advertiser jazz, all

Horoscope By Quinn

ARIES (March 21st to April 19th) Take time to decide. What is on offer may be very tempting, it may even seem like the chance of a lifetime. Is it however, quite what it seems? Could be you are reading into it what you want to read, not what is actually there. If you have any doubts, why not get professional advice, that way you might be able to see the wood without the trees. Get down to work on a backlog as soon as possible, so as not to clutter up your desk.

TAURUS (April 20th to May 20th) This is a new phase in your life and you would be well advised to approach it with caution. This is not to say it is not a fortunate time, quite the contrary. If however you are to get the most out of all the current situation you must plan carefully ahead, taking everything into account. Try to get help from someone more experienced than yourself and be prepared to take what may seem to you, an eccentric course of action.

GEMINI (May 21st to June 21st) A false start to an outing may put you off your stroke. If you are tempted to make other, different arrangements, don’t. The original plan is what is best for you, the timing was wrong that’s all. You have certain feelings concerning a newly met acquaintance. Don’t talk yourself out either, you are probably right. If you have any real doubts, get in touch with someone from your past who will be able to advise you beyond all reasonable doubt.

CANCER (June 22nd to July 22nd) Some things you can afford to ignore or even laugh at. This situation is not one of those. You must be quite firm and sure everyone concerned realises you are not the slightest bit amused. Such liberties must be firmly nipped in the bud or the respect others have for you, not to mention your own self-respect, will be lost beyond recall. You have been given an ultimatum. Tell them were to go!

LINGUAPHONE LEARN WELSH COURSE - Cassette player, 6 cassettes, books. In case and boxed as new as never used. Just use own headphones. £30. Tel. 01446

400190 READY CUT RUG - floral type, half finished project with necessary wool, and a lot more besides. Hooks included. £25. Tel. 01446 400190 RAD - new, 55x23 £15. Books, Andy McNab (20) £15. Carpet Cream, 4x4, clean condition, £10. Rugby shirts, Wales, size 4 £15. Tel. 01792 582135

HALFORD TRAILER - 122 with solid telescopic, roof top, roof bars, spare wheel, wheel clamp. Tel. 02920 750104 MINERS CHECK - No2, NCB, area 3, Tydraw Colliery, Blaenavon, very good condition, £10. Tel. 02920 750785

EXERCISE BIKE CROSS TRAINER - strider cost £240 sell for £40 reasonable offers accepted. Tel. 07935 806295 ANTIQUE SILVER IRISH SUGAR BOWL - made in 1807, dublin, £460. Tel. 07526 657737 BEGINNERS METAL DETECTOR - made by atal, unused, still in box with batteries, £55. Tel. 07526 657737

LEO (July 23rd to August 22nd) You could find yourself fending for yourself temporarily, quite soon. Don’t worry it is only a passing phase. It may be a good opportunity to get yourself sorted out mentally, concerning all those little niggles that have been irritating you and your partner lately. Anyway, it’s good to be alone occasionally and you will find you will enjoy the experience eventually. Take advice from an official or medical source if you don’t want lasting aggravation.

VIRGO (August 23rd to September 22nd) Don’t spend too much on that passing fancy, not for a while until you know for certain whether or not you are going on that long journey you have been promising yourself. If the opportunity presents itself, you must not hesitate, go as soon as you can. If you don’t that opportunity may not present itself again. Take the time, meanwhile, to collect all you may need for the journey. Money, clothes, papers, everything in fact that’s necessary.

LIBRA (September 23rd to October 23rd) Too many times you have tried to get close to a certain person. Why not give it up now and seek fresh pastures? You may have wanted to help but when a person does not want to be helped, there is nothing anyone can do to force the issue. In the long run, under these circumstances you will do yourself harm so cut loose and forget about the problem. If you feel you can’t abandon a sinking ship, get in touch with someone closer to the party involved.

SCORPIO (October 24th to November 22nd) It would be in your own best interests to make an issue of some little event that took place recently without your knowledge. If you don’t make a stand at this point you will find yourself left out more and more as time goes on. Be sure of your rights, stand up for them and don’t take any more nonsense. If you sound out the opinion of an official source close to you, you could learn in advance about a radical change in your immediate environment.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd to December 21st) Feel free to ask as much advice from those around you as you need. Most of what you get back will be valid and worth acting on. You will know what you should discard, instinctively, so don’t have any doubts. Watch points here carefully and be sure you are not taken by surprise by new developments. If you think about it carefully enough you will be able to see which way things are going.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd to January 20th) Be sure of your facts if you are about to make an accusation. It may only be a small, unimportant thing you have to say but it could have far reaching consequences. Changing your habits especially in respect of recreation might prove essential. Your health could be causing concern and your hobby could get the blame. Sit back and relax for a change. Nothing can be as good for you on occasion as taking so-called ‘healthy exercise’.

AQUARIUS (January 21st to February 19th) What you really need is a boost. Why not spend a little money on yourself, it may even prove to be an investment in the long run, if you choose carefully. Take a lesson from someone you know well who has overdone things a bit lately, don’t get into the same state. Keep an eye on your weight too over the next fortnight or so. Could be you need to adjust your diet a little? Animals are strongly starred with you just now.

PISCES (February 20th to March 20th) Forcing the issue will get you nowhere at the moment. Take things nice and easy and results will come with no effort on your part. Take a few moments off your daily round to help the thoughts of a friend who is in something of a muddle at the moment. The problem actually stems from your own actions in the past so you will only be making amends of a sort. Keep your eyes open for the hint of a forthcoming event.

ACROSS: 7) Chop, 8) Adorable, 9) Upholsterer, 11) Soot, 12) Guttural, 13) Break off, 15) Boom, 16) Bittersweet, 18) Contempt, 19) Ewer. DOWN: 1) Chipboard, 2) Sprout, 3) Passage of time, 4) Moment of truth, 5) Gateau, 6) Ale, 10) Barometer, 14) Aviate, 15) Bowler, 17) Tot.

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