and then forward that information to a display. The receiver and display need to be linked together, so you need to ensure your selected products will communicate with each other. There are various means of passing electronic data, wired (RS232), Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and common protocols are typically either GDL/90 or NMEA based. If you’ve decided to go the CAP 1391 route then it’s likely that device will receive ADS-B as well as transmit it. If you are using a Mode S transponder you’ll normally need a separate receiver. There are two

GPS/ADS-B Receivers Dynon

( f.u.n.k.e (

Multi-protocol devices Maker

Device AIR Avionics Flarm AIR Traffic

Receiver System (Panel mount)

PowerFlarm Core

PowerFlarm Portable

LXNav lxnav .com

FlarmBat (Portable)

PowerMouse (Behind Panel mount)


FlarmEagle Mobile (Portable)

FlarmEagle (Behind Panel Mount)

PilotAware Uavionix Notes

1. ADS-B & Mode-S reception is an optional add-on to most PowerFlarm based devices 2. PAW devices receive Flarm via re-broadcast from the ground based Open Glider Network or via an attached Flarm receiver 3. SkyEcho receives Flarm, but requires Flarm-licenced EFB software to decrypt (eg SkyDemon, EasyVFR V4, or ForeFlight). 4. Funke TM250 Flarm display is non-directional unless a Flarm receiver is connected 5. Where a device is marked ‘behind panel mount’ it requires external power but could be mounted in any convenient location. 6. Mode-S detection is non-directional, except for PilotAware which uses multilateration (MLAT) via the OGN network to derive location


(Behind Panel Mount)

SkyEcho 2 (CAP 1391) (Portable)

No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No

approaches here, but whichever you choose the selection needs to be done in tandem with the choice of traffic display as not all displays work with all receivers.

 You can get a GPS with an integrated ADS-B receiver and examples are given in the table below, but this is just a sample and there are also open- source solutions. However, you need to check your choice works in the UK environment as some will be aimed at the U.S. where ADS-B implementation is slightly different.

Garmin (

Levil Aviation (

 You can take the opportunity to improve your interoperability with non- ADS-B electronic conspicuity systems by choosing, for example, a PilotAware (PAW) or a Power-Flarm/ADS-B based device (several manufactures are available). Examples are given below but this list is not comprehensive. Some of these devices have integrated displays and most can either be permanently installed or used as a ‘carry-on’ solution.

*CAP 1391 specifies Electronic Conspicuity (EC) devices that have the ability to signal their presence to other airspace users, thereby turning the “see-and-avoid” concept into “see-BE SEEN-and-avoid”.

* AIC 141/2019 Enabling ADS-B out in the UK General Aviation Fleet explains how connection of a GPS position source can be achieved.

Integrated Display


Receives ADS-B1 , Mode-S, Flarm ADS-B1 , Mode-S, Flarm

ADS-B, Mode-S, Flarm


Mode-S, Flarm ,

Mode-S, Flarm ADS-B1 ADS-B1 ,

Mode-S, Flarm ,

Mode-S, Flarm

ADS-B, Mode-S, P3i, Flarm2

ADS-B, Flarm3 P3i ADS-B

Serial RS232, Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Flarm Flarm Flarm Flarm Flarm Serial RS232

Serial RS232, Bluetooth

Serial RS232, Bluetooth

Serial RS232 Serial RS232 Flarm

Transmits Connect to Display/EFB


Serial RS232, ARINC429, Wi-Fi

Serial RS232

FLARM/PILOTAWARE Flarm and PilotAware traffic awareness and collision avoidance systems have been available for many years. They provide both like to like ‘See and be Seen’ using their own protocols and the ability to detect other devices including ADS-B transmitters and Mode S transponders. FLARM Technology Ltd. use a form of licensing regime to allow a variety of other hardware and software vendors to make compatible equipment, go to powerflarm/product-selector to see all the other options available.

PilotAware aims to provide a low cost approach using an open protocol, licensed software and commonly available hardware as well as their own products. See the website for more details.

Devices shown are Flarm display, Aircrew traffic display and Garmin G600TXi



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