Human factors to think about

The benefits and issues will vary between electronic devices, so here are some ideas to get you thinking

Human Factors Considerations for Electronic Conspicuity De- vices

Rely on your core flying skills

Having an EC device can be a use- ful safety aide, because it can help you to build a picture of the traffic and airspace around you; but it can- not show you everything. Using a device will not replace your core flying skills such as keeping a good lookout / scan and understanding the airspace conditions and rules.

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Know your Device

Make sure you understand thor- oughly all the benefits and limita- tions of your particular EC device.

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Understand what it can and can- not show you and have a goal for

the extra information you will need to find through your usual scan. E.g. it might only tell you about other airspace users who have the same device, you might also only be visible to users with the same device.

Include it in your flight planning

Include your device in your flight planning so that you are aware of any changes it may make to the way that you usually do things, where you fly, how you manage risks (such as traffic choke points) and how you will change your plan if the system becomes inoperable.

Benefits and issues will vary between electronic conspicuity (EC) devices, these are some ideas to get you thinking.


For carry-on devices, make sure your device:

• Is securely placed and cannot be- come loose in flight, or that parts might fall off.

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• Does not impede your actions or any instruments in the cockpit.

• Works with other equipment you may be using .

• Has a fully charged battery that will last for longer than your planned flight and/or a way to re- charge, if required.

Stay Up-to Date

Make sure you keep yourself up- dated with the latest safety alerts, consultations, rule changes, airspace amendments and more from the CAA’s SkyWise .

Record all events or failures

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Ensure you record all safety events or issues related to using the EC; these could be as serious as an airspace in- fringement or near miss, or as simple as realising you didn’t have the ‘full picture’. It is im- portant that we understand how these devices are impacting how we use the airspace and our flying.

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