ASSA ABLOY launches unrivalled DC300G-HF door closer

ASSA ABLOY Door Hardware has launched an innovative new door closer that offers unrivalled performance for user flexibility and fire safety for education estate buildings.


nlike any other door closer in its class, the new DC300G-HF is a responsive solution, satisfying multiple door control issues for health estate facilities and buildings managers, and building users. This includes flexible operation and use, while also maintaining full certification in all three modes and fitting configurations.

The DC300G-HF is fully certified in all three modes; standard, free-swing and hold-open and all three fitting configurations; fig.1, fig.61 and fig.66 – offering peace of mind and convenience for building owners, managers and installers, that they are legally covered. There are hundreds of door-closing devices available but, when analysing their capabilities, it becomes apparent that not all are created equal. This not only applies to their adherence to fire safety laws, but also accessibility regulations. Simply put, in light of the Equality Act (2010) and Approved Document M, a building should be accessible to all – without restriction or the need for assistance.

The DC300G-HF helps meet and surpass both fire safety and accessibility requirements. In the event of a fire it reverts to a mechanical mode, either free-swing or hold-open mode.

Uniquely, and for the very first time, the DC300G-HF has all the features and certification required to meet these demands, across all three modes and configurations. The new door closer is CE Marked (a legal requirement under the Construction Products Regulation) to EN 1154 and EN 1155 in all three configurations. Furthermore, soft- motion release (from 130-75 degrees) means the door is progressively shut, preventing damage to the door set and injury to users. The DC300G-HF is also BS 8300-2:2018 compliant. Its safety credentials and performance (free-swing or hold-open mode with variable power EN 3-6) retains low opening forces makes it the ideal product for environments with high volumes of traffic, and where users experience movement difficulty or strength issues.

The DC300G-HF is also incredibly flexible and cost-effective. Switching between modes on other electro-mechanical door closers can be difficult and time consuming. Often, two separate products or additional parts are required. The DC300G-HF offers a step-change in functionality, with all three modes in one product. Users can switch within seconds by simply adjusting three small bolts. Developed, designed and tested in the UK

for the UK market, the closer is also easy to retrofit and upgrade with no re-drilling required, so fire certification is not compromised. Wiring on the hinge side and a non-polarity sensitive connection also makes wiring easy.

David Hindle, Head of Door Closer Sales at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions UK & Ireland, said: “A unique combination of flexibility and full certification makes the DC300G-HF the best-in-class, electro-mechanical rack and pinion door closer, for changing door use in busy environments. Each unit is individually tested and inspected and bears the high quality, award-winning design and guaranteed durability you come to expect from an ASSA ABLOY door closer.” For more information on the DC300G-HF door closer, please contact 0845 070 6713 or visit

Tel: 0845 070 6713

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