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This issue it’s UNITE In a nut shell

Rumps to Trump?

As news surfaced in October that US president Donald Trump is set to make his first official visit to the UK early next year, Mike Dicks wants Britons to turn their backs on him. Or, more specifically, to ‘show their rumps to Trump.’

The man behind the #ShowYourRumptoTrump campaign has been a political gadfly since 2014, when Mike started a parody Twitter account Trumpton_UKIP, which imagined a world in which Mr Mayor and his clerk Mr Troop of the 1960s children’s classic TV series defected to the UKIP party.

The old-fashioned Trumpton series and the reactionary- disguised-as-nostalgia politics of UKIP were natural bedfellows – not surprisingly, the Twitter account became a viral hit.

Now, Mike has turned his satiric sights on President Trump.

Mike created a daily Trump cartoon in the style of the Trumpton series on Twitter, which eventually led to a new graphic book – Mr Trump Goes to Washington – published in October.

“Hopefully the book will put a smile on readers’ faces,” Mike tells uniteWORKS.

Indeed, if there’s any way to make sense of the rise of Donald Trump and still maintain your sanity, cartoons are the best medium.

Mike says he was inspired to create Trump cartoons similar to his Trumpton-themed UKIP work because he “felt the politics of America now occupied spaces similar to the politics of Brexit.”

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“Besides, from a satirist’s perspective,” Mike says, “Trump is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving.” But he adds that the cartoons are a “gentle poke” at Trump – more toilet humour than stinging mockery. “For me the jokes should be seen from both sides of the political spectrum. Otherwise I’m not doing my job,” he explains.

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Does he hope that the Donald himself will read the book? “I would love that – I’ve already sent a copy to the White House.”

Mr Trump Goes to Washington is now available to order or buy from most outlets.

• We have one copy to go to a lucky reader. Tells us why you think it’s good to ‘show Trump your rump’. Email by December 29 with your answers!

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