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Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

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Protecting workers’ jobs and rights in Brexit Britain and an economy built on decent jobs with an active industrial strategy at its heart, were among the key issues for Unite at this September’s TUC Congress in Brighton


Squabbling Tories have no Brexit plan and are risking catastrophe for Britain, said Unite general secretary Len McCluskey. Addressing congress, Len said, “This is a divided, reckless government, without plan or purpose beyond its own survival and is driving Britain and many of our key industries straight towards the precipice placing tens of thousands of jobs in jeopardy.”

The real problem was “much of the Tory party just doesn’t care.” He warned the country “cannot afford a Tory Brexit” adding that “only unremitting pressure from the labour movement is going to avert this catastrophe.” Len received a standing ovation.


Unite assistant general secretary Tony Burkewarned of the challenges faced by automation. He said unions should follow Unite’s lead as it puts automation “as the centre piece of a genuine, long-term manufacturing industrial strategy.”

Amid twists and turns in the ongoing Birmingham bins dispute, Unite assistant general secretary Howard Beckett told Congress, “The strike will continue because our members… have a strength from each other…no matter your power, you will not break us.”


Unite assistant general secretary Steve Turner calling for a new economic model based on investment and decent jobs, urging the trade union movement to help secure a Labour government that builds an economy for the many not the few.

12 uniteWORKS Autumn 2017 PUBLIC TRANSPORT

“A decent, accountable bus service is within our grasp,” said Unite assistant general secretary Diana Holland, adding it was vital for jobs, communities and the economy to have a fully integrated transport policy.


Unite assistant general secretary Gail Cartmail slammed the “rank duplicity” of the government’s rhetoric. “We have been told that public sector workers have ‘gold plated’ terms and conditions and that their pay should be capped… this is complete and utter nonsense.”


Jayne Taylor on housing crisis; Anne Crozier, mental health funding; Joyce Still, community nurses; Jim Kelly, Grenfell tragedy; Bob Collins, child poverty; Tom Butler, gold standard apprenticeships; Paul Ainsworth, public transport; Kevin Terry, Post Office privatisation;Mark ‘Pasty’ Turner, Brexit and steel; Mahf Khan, defence diversification; Phillipa Marsden, education; Andy Jones, climate change; Jasmin Suraya, gender pay gap; Julie Phipps, sex workers; Susan Matthews, racism at work; Bridie McCreesh, same sex marriage/DUP; and Tommy Murphy, Kurdistan.


Unite members Rev William Sharpe and Dr Kathryn Lloyd-Williams (pictured left with Len) were honoured for their roles in recent terror attacks; Daphne Robins won a union learning rep award.


Unite assistant general secretary Tony Burke spoke in an emergency debate on Bombadier and CSeries jobs. He urged the Prime Minister “to stand up for the workforce in Northern Ireland and our aerospace industry and to stand up for decent jobs.”

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