P-Wave® launches powerful and scientifically-proven GermErase 24hr

Top-rockers Bad Wolves team up with the Anti-Bullying Alliance


latinum-selling, chart-topping rock band BAD WOLVES has

teamed up with the Anti-Bullying Alliance to shed light on the fight against bullying and advocate for mental health awareness. As the US rockers release their third

album ‘Bad Monsters’, fans watching their music videos online will get a chance to participate in Anti-Bullying Week 2021 (15 to 19 November) by donating to support the campaign or getting involved in other ways. The theme of the band’s new album, and its title, is about confronting


-Wave has launched GermErase 24hr, a powerful, new, scientifically- proven disinfectant that destroys bacteria, viruses, and fungi, including

the SARS-CoV-2 virus (which causes Covid-19) – killing it in under 30 seconds. GermErase 24hr has been approved for use on both skin and surfaces,

making it a versatile product for environments such as hospitality, retail, care settings and education. For use on hands, it is dispensed using a foaming pump, which delivers a gentle foam that feels pleasant on the skin, with no odour or sticky feel. It protects hands from germs between washes and has none of the drying effects that can be experienced from alcohol gels or sprays. GermErase 24hr should be used daily on surfaces to keep them clear of

pathogens and between hand washes to keep hands germ-free. P-Wave® will be exhibiting GermErase 24hr at The London Cleaning

Show at ExCel from Tuesday 2 to Thursday 4 November, 2021. u

one’s own demons and was one of the reasons why the band was keen to partner with the Anti-Bullying Alliance ahead of a tour in Europe starting in January 2022. Martha Evans, Director of the Anti-Bullying Alliance, said: “We’re delighted to work with Bad Wolves to shine a spotlight on the

impact that bullying can have on young people’s lives. We want to spread the message that if you are being bullied or struggling with the consequences of seeing bullying as a child, you are not alone and you can find the support you need.” “We’re pleased to be able to work with a band that so many young

people look up to, and whose music sends the message loud-and-clear that you don’t have to put up with bullying and you should speak out if it’s happening to you or someone you know.” Anti-Bullying Week is celebrated in over three-quarters of schools across

the country, and this has the theme ‘One Kind Word’. More information about the Anti-Bullying Alliance and Anti-Bullying Week can be found at u

Ground-breaking new resource places the power of singing and music at the heart of the primary school day as it reaches BETA-testing


new innovative resource aiming to

equip schools to use singing across the curriculum has reached a beta-testing phase ahead of its launch in 2022. Sparkyard, produced by school’s music publisher Out of the Ark Music, is a subscription-based online platform where teachers can access a huge library of almost 1000 songs and resources for every area of the curriculum. The resource aims to encourage primary schools to use singing as part of their curriculum planning to improve wellbeing, build self-confidence, enhance academic performance, and promote social cohesion. Sparkyard is the realisation of a vision Out of the Ark Music has had since its

inception, made possible now by undertaking significant research and having input from leading industry experts. The platform has been developed by teachers, for teachers, and is now in its final stages of product testing and the beta programme is being trialled by primary schools across the UK. Antony Copus, Out of the Ark Music’s Head of Education and Project Lead

on Sparkyard says, “Sparkyard is a visionary approach to primary education, putting the power of singing and music into the hands of every teacher in every school – enabling singing to be put at the heart of every part of the school day. Sparkyard has been curated with the same care and attention that goes into the writing and production of every single Out of the Ark song.


Almost 1,000 songs, plus resources, curriculum links, music activities, values- based assemblies and more are seamlessly integrated into the Sparkyard catalogue enabling schools to unpack the rich content that is within each song and the transformational effects that result from singing them.” In 2017 Out of the Ark Music and Professor Susan Hallam MBE

collaborated on a major research project to identify the benefits of integrating singing and music in the classroom and across the curriculum. The study measured the impact that fully integrating singing into the school curriculum could have on a range of measures including wellbeing, social inclusion, pupil and teacher confidence, as well as academic attainment. Professor Hallam noted, “The children with the lowest prior music

attainment showed the greatest statistically significant levels of change in relation to listening skills and phonics. Qualitative responses indicated that singing together improved the mood of the children and that children worked better together.” The project’s results encouraged Out of the Ark Music to develop a

platform that would help bring the same benefits to schools, teachers and pupils right across the country by integrating singing into their own classrooms. Antony added: “At Out of the Ark Music, we have always believed in the

power of a song not just to make a difference to a child’s understanding of a topic but, importantly, to increase self-confidence, enhance their sense of wellbeing and to create a happy, healthy school environment. Singing can support learning in every subject and, after just one term on the Singing School project, teachers reported a more than 20% increase in confidence in their own ability to teach using music and songs with their classes. Sparkyard will allow any teacher, regardless of their previous musical experience, to bring these benefits to their pupils.”

The Sparkyard beta programme is open now for schools to join. If you would like to sign up or find out more, please visit:

November 2021

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