Turriff Academy pupils explore impact of climate change on farming economy with peers around the world

A group of 16 pupils from Turriff Academy are having their views and

ideas on climate change heard as part of an international project to develop a school-centred approach to climate education. They participated in the 1.5 Max Global Schools’ Climate Summit

alongside pupils from seven other Scottish schools as well as young people from Mozambique, Malawi and Nepal ahead of the October holidays. The solutions they came up with to challenges they had identified

locally are to be showcased online for a global audience during COP26. The Turriff pupils were asked to take a ‘problem statement’ along to

the summit to discuss with young people from across the globe. They identified that Aberdeenshire’s farming economy will be affected by increasingly disrupted rain and snowfall, and rising temperatures, and had begun to investigate how this may impact their local community in the long run. The Turriff pupils decided to create a 'product', in the form of a

boardgame, they could use to educate local people. They are also planning to create more green spaces around their school and improve the ones they have already in order to increase habitat for insects. They will also be writing to their local MP about how public transport could be improved and hope to inspire the local community on the importance of planting pollinators and encourage planting of more bee-friendly plants. Biology teacher Rowan Cannell, who led the pupils in this important

project, commented: “I am so proud of the pupils and what they achieved during this event. They acted with maturity and showed real compassion when faced with how climate change is already affecting so many communities around the world. A common theme in the pupils' reflections on the event was that they felt inspired to make a difference – we hope to build on that inspiration with our sustainability group to affect some real change in our community.” Aberdeenshire Council’s Education and Children’s Services team have

developed a strategy for addressing climate change in schools. This feeds into the local authority’s wider Routemap to 2030 and they are keen to encourage young people from across Aberdeenshire to work together on ideas that will make a difference.

u 10 November 2021

Two inspiring Focus Academy Trust teachers officially collect 2020 Pearson National Teaching Awards

Making the cut against thousands of nominations across the UK, Peter Simons and Kate Woodard were two of just 76 silver award winners in 2020. Peter took home the Award for Teacher of the Year in a Primary School, while Kate brought back the Award for Outstanding New Teacher of the Year after a year's wait due to Covid-19 restrictions. Peter Simons, from Thornhill Junior and Infant School and

Boothroyd Primary Academy, has been outstanding in ensuring pupils have the best there is to offer in terms of music provision. At both schools, every child learns to play several different musical

instruments on top of partaking in a range of clubs, activities and events. Peter has assured that the children are provided with a music curriculum that enriches their lives beyond measure. Kate Woodward, from Lyndhurst Primary and Nursery School,

quickly became a ‘fantastic teacher’ and lead the school in History and Geography during a time of major change. Key in the development of the mastery of maths curriculum, Kate has also organised an after-school club in which pupils can discuss social issues in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. Commenting on the achievement, Peter Simons said: “I think it

has finally sunk in, after attending the celebration evening, that I have really won the award. It is an absolute pleasure to have achieved this award.” “This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of

the amazing teaching staff I work with, as well as of course the students, who have all taken to every opportunity they are presented with.” Commenting on her award, Kate Woodward said: “Never did I

expect to be honoured with such an award so early into my career, it feels amazing to see the work you have put into enriching all your student's educations be recognised nationally. "And to be recognised at such a wonderful evening made it feel

even better, a big thank you to all the teaching staff at Lyndhurst who have supported me, and of course the wonderful students.”


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