Sennheiser’s Evolution Wireless Digital has you covered for your microphone needs

offers you a multitude of professional features. EW-D works on professional UHF frequencies and, as a digital system, it will ensure excellent sound, delivering detailed, crystal-clear 24-bit audio with a transmission range of up to 100 metres. Up to 16 microphone channels can be controlled via the

app, with additional channels controlled at the receiver with its straightforward user interface. The EW-D transmitters have an incredibly wide input dynamic range – they can pick up anything from a very soft whisper to a jet engine at 45 metres’ distance! The microphone system has a low latency of 1.9


re you planning the tech for a school performance? Will the headmaster give a welcome address to the new

students? Do you need amplification in the assembly hall for a discussion round? Or for a school celebration and the school theatre group? Wireless microphones are quick to deploy and give freedom

of movement to those speaking and performing. However, setting them up can be a nuisance or even intimidating for many.

milliseconds – the lowest of any digital wireless system currently available – and a transmitter battery life of up to 12 hours with the optional BA 70 rechargeable battery pack and 8 hrs with standard AA batteries. This will take you all the way from soundcheck through to the end of an event and beyond. EW-D is ideal for schools that want their wireless

microphones to be cost-effective, reliable and frequency- efficient, while maintaining excellent sound quality. The system finds its place where ease of use and versatility are paramount, on school stages, in lecture halls and in classrooms. For school events, administrators don’t usually have the

bandwidth to do extensive frequency scans or battle with settings for wireless systems. And schools don’t always have a technician to monitor and set up an audio system before a lecture or speech. EW-D is for them: a microphone system that is reliable, and just works right away without needing to become, or call on, an RF expert. Evolution Wireless Digital is all about simplicity and ease of use, so even administrators with no formal training can plug-and-play EW-D using their smartphone and achieve clear, reliable, wireless audio. Enter Evolution Wireless Digital: Sennheiser has brought

simplicity to wireless microphones with an app-based solution. If you can handle an app, you will also be able to handle the setup of an Evolution Wireless Digital (EW-D) microphone system. The Smart Assist App is like an engineer in your pocket – it

has all the expertise you need under the hood, as it were – and you do not have to be a mechanic to drive the car. The app will help with automated set-up and easy monitoring so you can get your wireless system up and running within just a few minutes, no matter whether it’s for a lecture, in the classroom, for a conference, moderation or live music performance. There are systems with a handheld microphone, a clip-on mic, a headset mic or an instrument version. The app even includes tutorial videos that show you exactly how to proceed. While incredibly easy in operation, Evolution Wireless Digital

38 November 2021

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