The importance of eliminating viruses and poor air quality in the classroom


t is proven that good indoor air quality in the classroom can increase

a student’s ability to complete tasks requiring anything from concentration and calculation, to memory. At its worst, poor air quality in

schools can take students out of the classroom with respiratory infections and asthma. The Winix Pro and Zero Purifier

create safer, cleaner environments for teachers and students, by reducing air contamination. They filter out 99.99% bacteria and viruses, thereby reducing the spread of colds and flu. The Boneco Hybrid range of Air

Purifiers, together with the water based solution, the A180 Clean & Protect kill bacteria and viruses on contact 24/7, which means physically cleaning furniture, surfaces and worktops manually is reduced. These units also manage the correct humidity levels 55-60% enabling better concentration, due to cleaner air. With over 60 years’ experience, the

Winix Purifiers and the Boneco Hybrids with A180 Clean & Protect will ensure a safer environment and a greater well- being for the pupils and teachers in the schools of today and the future. With mental well-being in the

forefront in these difficult times, helping with physical well-being means one less thing to worry about.

Products Specifications overview


The WINIX ZERO Pro is an extremely powerful and fully automatic air purifier which cleans an indoor classroom environment of allergies, fine dust (PM2.5), dust, pollen, animal and human dander, VOCs , viruses and lingering odours. It can be used in rooms up to a staggering 120m2. The WINIX ZERO Pro air purifier has a

Dual Sensor Technology Air Purifier and uses a 5-stage air purifier filtration system with: • a washable pre-filter • an active carbon filter • an antimicrobial True HEPA filter (99, 97%)



The Boneco Hybrid Range provides well-being in the complex atmosphere of the classroom, automatically maintaining correct humidity levels whilst also cleaning the air. It is well documented and proven that higher humidity can lead to loss of infectious viruses in enclosed rooms. At a humidity level of 20 percent, infectious viruses can remain suspended in a room’s atmosphere for anywhere up to 4 possibly 5 hours after being propelled out. Research has show that simply raising the room’s humidity as little as 20%

can shorten this time up to 80%. Achieving this in a busy environment like a classroom or laboratory can be

extremely difficult - but it is essential to manage if your aim is to keep everyone safe. Thanks to integrated sensors, the Boneco Hybrid range measures the

relative humidity level in real time and automatically adjusts its evaporator output, perfect for pupils, staff and visitors. At the same time, the innovative, integrated filter cleans the air in the

room and alleviates discomfort for people with allergies. The Boneco Evaporator Mat Technology humidifies the room and releases

the brand new, patented Boneco Clean & Protect A180 solutions into the room’s atmosphere, where it then disperses across the furniture and surfaces - cleaning and sanitising as it settles. The understated and modern design of the Hybrids will fit perfectly into


• and the unique WINIX PlasmaWave® air purifier Technology. The Dual Sensor Technology ensures that the air purifier reacts fully

automatically to both the presence of unpleasant odours and to the smallest dust particles (PM2.5). It has been tested and certified by both AHAM and ECARF and is a highly trusted air purifier used across the globe.

July/August 2020

any classroom, office or reception, and can be operated directly using the control panel, or via the Boneco app which is available for additional functions: simply set the desired humidity and the Boneco hybrid takes care of the rest - whether it’s higher humidity in the colder winter months, or purified air during the pollen season, or, indeed, both. With the Winix Zero Pro and the Boneco Hybrid Range, with the A180

Clean & Protect, you are providing a safe, comfortable, clean, virus-free environment for your students, teachers and visitors.

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