BETT & EDUCATION SHOW GUIDE Experience the Elements at Bett 2020

More than edtech Promethean’s pedigree in education has stemmed from more than delivering edtech solutions. At Bett, as well as showcasing the all new ActivPanel range, Promethean will have exciting activity on stand from its partners. Named as Promethean’s exclusive Science

Technology Engineering Arts and Maths (STEAM) partner for the UK, The Learning Partnership will be helping to support the wider integration of technology into education and encourage engagement among students in STEAM subjects. With a bank of powerful content resources, The Learning Partnership will be demonstrating a selection of activities and apps that can be embraced by teachers to increase interest in STEAM. Supporting integration in STEAM subjects, The Learning Partnership will be building and racing rocket powered cars on stand using technology to enhance the design process. Promethean will also be welcoming the BBC,

BecomingX, London Design and Engineering UTC and the National Literacy Trust to the on-stand classroom to deliver a series of presentations. The demonstrations will showcase how a combination of powerful, curriculum content mixed with immersive education technology can support teachers and engage learners in the educational sphere.


aving a clear and concise understanding of what is happening behind the scenes in

education from those who really matter is imperative to the development of solutions that truly support teachers and learners in the classroom. Now in its fourth year, Promethean’s State of Technology in Education report is plotting trends on topics high on the education agenda. From workloads to budgets, the report reveals a true spectrum of opinions from educators, helping to really comprehend the issues facing the UK education sector. The report has been developed to measure the

opinion of educators to help identify areas of development that will transform the classroom environment for the better. The report recently uncovered that 83% of classroom teachers believe that technology in education helps them to do their jobs better and that just over a fifth of respondents expect the use of interactive flat panel displays (IFPDs) to grow in the next three

years. With these statistics in place, the State of Technology in Education report can be used as a reference point for schools to open dialogues about the issues that really matter in the classroom and support the implementation of solutions that will help both teachers and learners.

The ActivPanel Elements Series With education at the heart of the company’s ethos, Promethean’s solutions have been designed for the classroom, to seamlessly integrate the use of technology into curriculum delivery. With over 20 years of experience in developing and delivering products that support the learning environment, Promethean will be showcasing its brand new ActivPanel on stand at Bett 2020. The ActivPanel Elements Series has been

designed to make teaching with technology even easier. Focusing on the little things that make a big difference in the classroom, the Elements Series delivers advanced ICT connectivity, simplified use and exclusive VellumTM technology that provides a unique writing experience that is as natural as putting pen to paper. The all new Unified Menu makes access to the most commonly used tools quick and easy, allowing teachers to seamlessly navigate and support learning in the moment. Teachers also benefit from the Promethean Locker, the single ‘go to’ place for all their favourite apps. The ActivPanel Elements series has been

designed by teachers, developed by Promethean specifically for education to enhance the classroom environment with technology that teachers need.


uVisit Promethean on stand SN41 at the Bett Show 2020 to explore the potential of the new ActivPanel Elements Series and learn more about Promethean’s education partnerships to support the integration of technology into the classroom. Alternatively, please visit

January 2020

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