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Newham school begins renovation work to encourage inclusion

Building works at North Beckton Primary School in Newham are set to complete in April 2020 and will see investment into the provision for profound and multiple learning disabilities North Beckton Primary School has begun

renovation works, which are set to redevelop the heart of the school and demonstrate a widespread commitment to increasing inclusivity. Ongoing building works will see investment

into the provision for PMLD (profound and multiple learning disabilities). The school is working closely with the local borough to provide an inclusive curriculum and facilities. The new design will ensure that North Beckton

is fully accessible for all specialist needs, making the classrooms wheelchair friendly and providing

specialist learning spaces for students requiring assistance. The new unit will be made up of one large

classroom and multiple feeder classrooms. There will also be a number of support facilities and equipment, including a sensory room, areas for physiotherapy, CAMHS, Place to Be counselling, Music Therapy. Encompassing the school’s ethos of, “We All

Belong”, the PMLD provision will be placed at the centre of the school, a strategic choice to ensure it’s at the heart of all activity. North Beckton is keen to illustrate its inclusivity practice, which forms part of Newham Council’s wider inclusivity policy. Speaking of the expansion, Alison Helm,

Headteacher at North Beckton Primary School, said: “We are committed to making our school a place where all students can thrive with their education in a positive, supportive environment. “The recent building work is an expansion of

our ongoing commitment to inclusivity, where we can make sure our students have the facilities they need to succeed. We’re confident that the space we are creating for PMLD students will be exceptional, so we can’t wait to unveil it. “We have worked very closely with the

London Borough of Newham’s local authority to deliver this innovative new learning space. We

appreciate their continued support with the project and the new provision will have a positive impact on the local community.” North Beckton became the fourth primary

school within the Tapscott Learning Trust, which also comprises Curwen Primary and Nursery School, Ranelagh Primary School and Kensington Primary School.


Doncaster schoolchildren show kindness by holding an appeal for homeless people

were then divided into individual care kits and donation boxes. Caitlin Griffiths from St Joseph’s who co-

ordinated the appeal said: “It began from a project about our community and we were thinking about people who are homeless and sleeping rough, and how difficult their lives can be. So our class mission was to create care kits and donation boxes containing food, toothpaste, toothbrushes, body lotion, hand cream, hand

Kind-hearted schoolchildren in Doncaster showed their compassion by reaching out to help people who are less fortunate than themselves. Year Six pupils from St Joseph’s Primary School

in Rossington have collected non-perishable food items and toiletries to give to people living in homeless hostels and refuges. The 10 and 11-year-old’s wrote a letter to their

parents and relatives to donate items and why the appeal is important to them. “I enjoyed it because we were able to help

others. We always see homeless people but we can never do anything about it, but this time we were able to show compassion,” said Harry about the appeal. Young Olivia added: “I loved the whole

experience because I knew we were going to help someone in need.” The collection brought in lots of items which

warmers, gloves and socks to give to a homeless shelter. The support we received from parents and relatives of the children along with community donations has been amazing.” The items were made into packs and were

given to charitable housing association Riverside who distributed the donations across its

10 January 2020

supported housing services in Doncaster – Wharf House, Garnham House, Open House Plus, Victoria House and Riverside’s outreach service who help people sleeping rough on the streets. Riverside’s Area Manager, Colin West, visited

the school and thanked the children for their generosity. He added: “We are hugely grateful for the children’s kind and generous donations, which is especially heart-warming to know that they are thinking about those less fortunate than themselves this Christmas. Our customers will be overjoyed.”

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