Media-rich on-screen exams. Meet us at the Bett Show, 22-25 January, Stand NB44, and learn more.

both setup and production time. U-MARQ’s experience of dealing with a wide variety of business, small to large retail environments, and multinational companies, manufacturers and governmental bodies, brings a wealth of knowledge and ideas to suit many requirements which they look forward to demonstrating at their first ever Bett

• VEX Robotics is pleased to introduce their all new VEXcode Blocks for IQ & EDR and VEXcode Text for IQ & EDR! Their latest, most responsive programming software yet combines the simplicity of coding with Scratch-like Blocks for beginners, as well as Text in the form of C++ language for students who are well versed in programming. With VEXcode, educators can provide students with the chance to bring their VEX IQ and VEX EDR robots to life in the classroom

• Flat Stan First Aid deliver first aid training to primary school children in the UK and abroad. Their programme has already been delivered to 70,000 children in the UK, Lebanon and West Africa, with aims to expand across a further 10 countries. They are proud to announce their position as one of only 15 companies in the UK to be invited to participate in a parliamentary review to share knowledge and best practice

• Frog Education is excited to announce the launch of Frog Academy, a sharing platform for all Frog customers to share ideas and co-create real, practical solutions that will have a positive impact on teaching and learning. Frog work alongside their schools to help them create the resources they need, free-of-charge, on the condition that the finished article is shared with other Frog schools across the country. Perfect for when schools are under pressure, Frog Academy ensures they are making a difference in institutions at a time when they need it most

• Hey Girls CIC is on a mission to end period poverty in the UK by providing high quality education about puberty. In response to the new Relationships and Sex Education curriculum due to roll out across the UK in 2020, Hey Girls has created free lesson plans and 5* training for staff to ensure schools feel comfortable teaching menstruation successfully

• IDEA Digital Education is a technology solution providing a live, unique learner-login platform for schools globally. Completely interactive and data-driven, IDEA has developed a digital K12 STEM program and accredited professional learning courses, with over 1,800 curriculum topics, 38,000 animations, videos and interactive activities as well as over 10,000 assessments, all while meeting specific government syllabus requirements. They have now passed 3 specific audits through their government deployments with recommendation for the programme to be scaled up from 1.04 million student subscribers to 6.64 million in 2020

• Jalinga is a company progressing with new technologies for online and digital education after

installing over 50 professional studios in more than 20 cities since their founding in 2015. Jalinga is now entering the European market and continues to design and build spaces in which companies and clients can create professional videos for educational consumption

• Lifeliqe offers one of the world’s biggest libraries of scientifically-verified content for K-12 and serves as a delivery platform that enables 3D rendering in third party solutions. As well as reinventing workforce development through virtual reality simulations, Lifeliqe reacts to the current changes and trend of digitalisation and visualisation in the education sector by offering 3D content correlated with the most commonly used science textbooks

• ReapStream by ReapSource enables individuals, teams and entire academic institutions to communicate via message, 1-2-1, audio and video, as well as to collaborate with structured guided templates which are centred around individual or team goals. ReapStream can also support MATs with tracking student progress as well as providing a platform for training delivery and collaboration among MATs and academic staff. Future plans for the software include incorporating AI to further improve communication and collaboration capabilities

• Scanning Pens Ltd allows students to read independently and overcome their reading difficulty without feeling as though they need to rely on someone else. The idea is for students to use the tools as training wheels, eventually developing reading strategies until they no longer feel the need to use them. After improving the attainment and mental health of students within educational systems, as well as saving costs, Scanning Pens is now launching an update of the ReaderPen and ExamReader to include new English accents for the text-to-speech voice

• U-MARQ Ltd is proud to announce the release of their new laser systems for engraving and cutting using CO2 and RF methods. The new laser systems will readily include software incorporating technology and interfaces to ease and speed up

30 January 2020

• We Print Lanyards & Visitor Management manufacture bespoke printed lanyards for the education sector to enhance site security and ensure educational institutions can identify every person on site. In an effort to become eco- friendlier, the company has recently introduced their recycled PET fabric, a hardwearing yet comfortable material made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. As of November 2019, all wristband products are produced exclusively using this material with aims to do the same for the entire 20mm lanyard range in 2020

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