GAMING FOR AFRICA Clive van Groeningen Bids Gaming Industry Farewell

After a career spanning some 33 years in the casino industry, Clive van Groeningen, the affable and much-admired Director of Operations at Tsogo Sun’s Mykonos Casino has decided that the time has come for him to take early retirement. Clive, like many others, has been a career

industry employee. His career started back in the early 1980s when he joined the industry at Wild Coast Sun as a Temporary Slots Technician. From this humble start in the business, Clive took every career opportunity that presented itself and moved around the industry, at each point advancing his career. In 2002, Clive joined Gold Reef Resorts as

Operations Manager at Golden Horse Casino. After 2 years in this role, he moved to Mykonos for what was meant to be a 2-year contract. A very brief return to Golden Horse ended with Clive going back to Mykonos, where he has been since. Over the years that Clive has Director of Operations at Mykonos, he has groomed and

effective and committed management team who have delivered on their mandate. Over and above the work-place efforts, Clive’s ability to establish effective relationships with various stakeholders has held Mykonos Casino in good stead within the greater Langebaan community. Clive has, over the years, worked very closely with the management of Club Mykonos Resort and these efforts have delivered well for the casino and that the two businesses operate in a symbiotic way to maximize profitability. Clive will be replaced by Andreas Gegenhuber,

who assumes the position of Complex GM effective 1 December 2020. Andreas spent 3 years with the Gambling Board before joining Tsogo Sun, and has spent 19 years of his Tsogo career at Mykonos, ensuring that his excellent knowledge of the property and process and places him in a superb position to take over the reins from Clive and manage Mykonos Casino to increased levels of success.

South African Regulator Prepares to Take IAGR Reins

As outgoing IAGR (International Association of Gaming Regulators) President Paul Newson prepares to leave office, incoming President Mabutho Zwane relishes the opportunity to leverage technology to drive regulatory practice. IAGR’S much anticipated annual

conference, Disrupting the Regulator: Sparking innovation in regulatory practice, was postponed earlier this year, due to the major disruption and associated public health related restrictions arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. IAGR’s regulatory innovation focused

conference has been rescheduled to 12 – 17 September 2021 and will be hosted by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission in Boston. Reflecting on the his term as IAGR President,

Mr Paul Newson, outgoing IAGR President said: ‘We were unable to bring the gambling regulatory community together at the IAGR annual conference, where we had hoped to collectively explore how to build appetite and excite the adoption of regulatory technology. These conversations are vitally important to introduce new capability and ways of working, and I am sure when they are able to occur at the IAGR 2021 conference in Boston they will support efficient and effective gambling regulation globally which underpins sustainable industry. ‘2020 has been punctuated with challenge

and uncertainty for everyone. While IAGR’s bold ambition for what could be achieved to advance our strategic direction was dampened, we have

NOVEMBER 2020 27

continued to build our association’s profile and reach. We have also been exploring potential new strategic initiatives that will advance IAGR’s mission and enhance our contribution to gambling regulation globally.

Incoming President, Mabutho Zwane, Chief

Executive at the Eastern Cape Gambling and Betting Board, said, ‘I am honoured and excited by the opportunity to assume the role of IAGR president, especially at this particularly important time where there is a significant opportunity to leverage technology to bring global regulators together and to drive regulatory practice. Paul has provided immeasurable skill and

knowledge to his work as IAGR President, setting IAGR on a pathway to become the preeminent voice on gambling regulation internationally. I am sure the IAGR members and the Board

of Trustees will join me in thanking Paul for his leadership through what has been an exceptionally challenging time, and to wish him all the best in his new role at Senet.’ IAGR consists of representatives from gaming

regulatory organizations throughout the world. IAGR’s mission is to advance the effectiveness and efficiency of gaming regulation.

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