GIO: Does the new generation of player prefer a different type of content to their more experienced counterparts?

IK: Without a doubt. Operators are consistently reporting a marked change in player preferences – in today’s market, the usual ‘spin and win’ format simply won’t do. The new generation of player desires a more immersive entertainment experience as well as world-class visual effects.

Our central focus is always the end-user, and we go above and beyond for operator partners by giving players content that is both outstanding and distinctive, as well as being flexible enough to cater to the varied tech infrastructure of global markets. This element of flexibility is going to stay key as more and more markets come online, and a gaming experience that can work in Lima just as well as it does in London is essential.

GIO: What more can game developers do to attract this new generation of player? IK: While there’s plenty of strategies that can be harnessed, key is to move beyond the traditional approach to game development. New tools and technologies must be created and deployed within an enticing new offering.

Today’s players want a product exciting enough to be enjoyed again and again. When it comes to conventional slot games, customers often only play once or twice before moving onto the next. A multi-faceted and unique alternative such as our revolutionary catalogue can capture their attention for much longer – which is essential in such a competitive marketplace.

GIO: Finally, what does Evoplay Entertainment have in the pipeline for the coming months? IK: We will continue launching games that are jam-packed with our signature style of engaging gameplay features, high-tech mechanics and intriguingly detailed storylines. Our acclaimed catalogue can be enjoyed by a varied diversity of players, and certainly contains something for everyone.

We’re also gearing up to sign a further succession of high-profile partnerships with a range of exciting operators. Many of these agreements will see us enter new markets, with players in Romania, Bulgaria and Italy able to enjoy our games in the very near future for the first time, so do stay tuned!

GIO AUGUST 2020 41

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