The most promising things about 5G are internet speed, responsive and reliable connectivity, which are bound to expand the boundaries of online entertainment. Starting with the obvious, video and music streaming services, as well as mobile apps, will greatly benefit from the higher internet speed, and will attract more users thanks to that. Secondly, the online entertainment experience will be-come more immersive and interactive, as 5G is paving the way to the development of VR and AR. It means, that in some years new technologies like 3D holographic displays or haptic suits for VR might become pretty common, and more people will be inclined to try these8


It may seem that it’s too early for online entertainment businesses to make any important decisions, as 5G has only been deployed in major cities, but consider this – in 8 years, new services and ap-plications enabled by the technology are estimated to earn $765 billion in cumulative revenues for the global media industry8

. Thus, the strategic planning of how your company can use 5G is a good idea.


Each year more streaming services are popping up at the horizon, while the popularity of traditional TVs slowly but surely drops9,10

. With continuously

demonstrating more and more advantages, streaming services are ready to rival the old- fashioned television.

For instance, streaming services not only create unique content for their subscribers but also make sure that they attain rights to movies and series adored by masses. The easy-to-use and convenient features are one of the main success factors – you can watch any  And also, keep our previous point about 5G in mind – as

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soon as the technology will become more accessible, streaming services will be able to keep more clients, as videos will load faster and glitch much less. All these factors will contribute to the video streaming market’s worth, which is forecasted to reach $184.3 billion by 202711



In recent years an online gambling market shows continuous growth: in 2017 it accumulated $45.8 billion,12

two years later – $53.7 billion, and in 2027 it is expected to grow to $127.3 billion13

. The reasons

are simple: it is easier and cheaper for new players to check out the possibilities of gambling without leaving their homes to visit traditional casinos. Not to mention, there are a lot of different options for online gambling, and mobile phones are making the experience even more convenient.

And recently, the Coronavirus pandemic had a major impact on the industry with citizens of many countries showing interest in it. In Italy, revenues of online poker tournaments more than doubled in March 2020 compared to March 2019 – from 7.2 million to over 16 million euros. Online casinos also earned more money – 94 million euros versus 72 million euros a year ago14


Meanwhile, the popularity of online gambling among Australians increased by 67% just in a week15

. ,

and Americans started visiting online poker sites 43% more often, and the number of first-time online poker players increased by 255%16

Right now, a lot of countries are still under the lockdown, but even when the quarantine is over, we can expect that people would be cautious to visit real-life casinos for some time, and other users will get used to online gambling.

...there are a lot of different options for online

gambling, and mobile phones are making the experience even more convenient

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