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Online entertainment: key near-future trends

Maxpay CEO Artem Tymoshenko looks at key trends that will shape the future of online entertainment E

ver since the introduction of the Internet, the online entertainment industry has begun emerging. At first, it was pretty uneventful and slow, as in the 1980s there were just a bunch of primitive or text-based online games, and simple relay chats were used for communication, the concept of social media was still non-existent. But the great changes were on the horizon – on April 30th, 1993 the World Wide Web was made a public domain and people were introduced to the first web browser called MOSAIC1

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. In a couple of years, we’ve got the and social media sites3


. As of March 2020, there are over 4.5 billion internet users. Furthermore, over 5.1 billion of Earth’s population are unique mobile users, as of 2019. And we are spending more than a quarter (6 hours 42 minutes on average) of our day online, which equates to more than 100 days a year5

Meanwhile, the number of internet users continued to grow. In 1995 there were 16 million people with internet access worldwide, and in 2005, a year after Facebook was launched, the number rose to over 1 billion users4

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THE LONG-AWAITED EMERGE OF 5G The implementation of 5G technology has become a

widely discussed topic since 2019. In 2018 there were only 13 commercial 5G networks launched in 9 countries, and as of January 2020, the number of cities with 5G increased to 378 in 34 countries6

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the deployment of 5G takes time and resources, but it is inevitable. This year the number of 5G subscriptions  years, there are might be over 2,6 billion 5G users7


Such a massive number of people using the Internet and smartphones, as well as the ever-growing development of new technologies, leave no choice for the online entertainment industry but to improve and evolve. And because of that, branching out or opening a new business within the industry might seem like a good idea, especially in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, that made humanity seeking even more information, communication, and entertainment online. So, what trends will be the most prevalent in online entertainment in 2020 and the nearest future?

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