Stay Safe with Snickers Workwear protective

wear solutions for Men and Women

Snickers Workwear – Your Health, Your Safety, Your Wellbeing On Site.

clothing makes Snickers Workwear’s protective wear range the better- informed choice for men and women working in hazardous environments and inclement weather. There’s a comprehen-


sive selection of ergonomically designed Base-, Mid- and Top-layer clothes, certified as

appropriate for different risks at work to ensure comfort, health and workforce-wellbeing all day, every day. The new range also includes waterproof and windproof

AllroundWork Hi-Vis Jackets that provide protection in low- light, high-risk environments. So, whatever the hazard on site, the Snickers Workwear

Hi-Vis collection and ProtecWork range can provide a pro- tective wear solution to provide maximum, certified pro- tection whatever the risks on site.

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ong working days and cheap uncomfortable


Jackets and Fleeces – the ‘Sustainable’ Choice Sharp, stylish looks and market-leading recycled POLARTEC® fabric technology make these a must for the autumn on site or outdoor leisurewear.


nickers Workwear continues to lead the way with working clothes that have an ergonomic design, superb functionality and fit – for both craftsmen and women. The versatile FLEXIWork full-stretch jackets, deliver a tight, body-hugging fit with

efficient moisture transportation and durable shape retention plus great freedom of movement. There’s also long johns to match for full body insulation. The AllroundWork fleeces and bodywarmers – made from 80% recycled poly-

ester - are packed warmth and comfort to keep your body warm or comfortably cool when you most need it. Fashionable and functional, they combine practicality with street-smart looks and the right kind of sustainable choice.

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Top Quality SAFE Face Protection from Hellberg Safety H

ellberg Safety specialist PPE products include highly advanced face protection products, noise hazard protection and

communication solutions for personal safety and wellbeing on site. Hellberg’s interoperable face protection products offer helmet

and visor solutions to suit a variety of internal and external work situations. With a standard product design across the range, users are able to mix and match visors, carriers, and hearing protectors for complete ‘headband-only’ or ‘safety helmet’ solutions that protect against the hazards faced in differing task environments. Everything single component in the Hellberg Safety PPE

range combines the hallmarks of, advanced technology, quality and comfort with superb, practical protection for the hazards you’re likely to face - whatever job you’re doing in high-risk work environments.

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Aico’s groundbreaking SmartLINK Gateway technology A

ico, the market leader in domestic Fire and Carbon Monoxide protection, has launched the SmartLINK

Gateway, the Ei1000G. This is a first in asset management and compliance, providing full visibility and remote whole system monitoring of Aico Fire and Carbon Monoxide alarm systems. Stemming from their ethos of innovation, Aico has

launched the SmartLINK Gateway to provide a ground- breaking solution for Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) to have access to real time data insight into the status of the Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm systems across their entire housing stock. Using its built-in GSM data connection, the Ei1000G utilises Aico’s next genera- tion of wireless technology to report events including fire/CO activations and alarm head removals as they hap- pen to the SmartLINK cloud portal, for full visibility and remote monitoring. The development of the Aico SmartLINK Gateway has

been greatly influenced by RSLs and their teams, through extensive feedback and rigorous trials that have signifi- cantly shaped the final product; Aico designed this alarm management system to assure tenant safety at any time. As the pinnacle of Aico’s technology, this pioneering prod-

uct facilitates the safety of tenants at all times and aids with compliance across housing stock, ensuring ease of monitoring for RSLs and clear, actionable intelligence. Fife Council served as a trial site for the SmartLINK

Gateway, Lead Officer Jim Macdonald commented “In a building that relies on residents for access, we can monitor alarm systems remotely to make sure everything is work- ing correctly, and the tenants are kept safe. The main ben- efit of this product would be saving time and money while getting an immediate response, rather than going through the normal procedures. We have always found that Aico is very adaptable in working with clients, such as ourselves, to make sure the products are fit for purpose.” Aico have always been at the forefront of Radio

Frequency (RF) technology and are now leading the way in revolutionising this technology with real-time data moni- toring. By using in-built GSM data connection and RF inter- connection to interface with Aico alarms and accessories, easy installation and reliable connection is assured, mean- ing full visibility of connected RF systems. Although designed for SmartLINK, the Ei1000G is backwards compat- ible and therefore will also give visibility to RadioLINK+


systems. Events are reported directly as they happen via the online portal, which gives accessible intelligence that can be actioned, reported on and documented. The Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway aims to improve effi-

ciency, reduce costs, aid with forecasting and compliance and enable smart asset management. This groundbreak- ing technology gives a proactive approach to fault-find- ing, defining any trends in alarm activations and maintenance require- ments while drastically minimising the issue of property access. The SmartLINK Gateway will revolutionise the way in which alarm systems are managed, paving the way to a solution- focused approach to asset management.

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