Learning about the benefits of LED lighting L

ocated in Maidstone, Kent, West Borough Primary School has 500 pupils aged

between three and 11 years of age. The main building dates from 1913, while Nursery and Infant school buildings were added in the early years of this century. The lighting had been upgraded prior to LED being available, so there was some strip lighting in the infant school and corridors were poorly lit. With maintenance costs also increasing, the school looked into making the change to LED. The SEELS programme is one of a number

of Salix Finance programmes that provide Government funding to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions within the public sector. Funded by the Department for Education in England, it provides an interest-free loan to schools and colleges that are funded by a local education authority. It covers 100 different technologies, including LED lighting, which are focused on energy efficiency upgrades. The two main criteria for the fund are that the loan must be paid back within an eight-year period, and the project must not exceed a maximum cost of £222 per tonne of carbon dioxide saved. SEELS funding can be accessed at any point in the year and the whole process is designed to make it easy for facility managers to make the


business case for investment. West Borough, with support from Kent

Council, sought three quotes from potential LED upgrade providers and selected Energys Group on the basis of its competitive quote. They were also impressed by Energys Group’s commitment to complete the work outside of the school working day. The solution offered by Energys Group

proposed the installation of a standard LED lighting upgrade across the entire school, including outdoor lights and upgrading all existing emergency lights and standalone units to LED. The company demonstrated the impact that LED can make by installing it in a couple of classrooms on a trial basis – and this convinced the team at West Borough that this was a step well worth taking. The installed lighting types includes: IP Rated

LED Batten Fixtures, LED Panels, LED Wall lights, LED Downlight, Outdoor IP65 LED Wall light, Flood lights and Emergency Lighting. The word was completed within two weeks

during the 2019 summer holidays. Raj Gunasekaran, business development

manager at Energys Group commented: “We know that our LED lighting is transformative. Good lighting has a such a positive impact on wellbeing and learning outcomes, it reduces

  

eyestrain and improves alertness. The energy savings of installing LED lighting are hugely significant too, and will continue to benefit the school for many years beyond the initial payback period.” The project cost £43K and is estimated to

achieve annual savings in the region of £6.3k, with a return on investment of 6.7 years. The estimated carbon reduction is 17.76 tonnes of CO2

/pa with lifetime carbon savings of 444.01 tonnes (calculated over 20 years).

Energys Group




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