Active redundancy module as OVP version T

he new VP version of the QUINT S-ORING module from

Phoenix Contact extends the active redundancy modules of the QUINT 4 power supply family. By decoupling and monitoring, it increases system availability.

The redundancy module New generation E4Q

energy chain from igus for unsupported and long travels


nspired by nature, designed for industry: this is the new E4Q energy chain from igus for unsupported and long

travels. The chain links of the e-chain have a pebble- shaped design for weight reduction and a completely new crossbar locking concept, which enables the energy chain to be assembled by hand in seconds. On the upper side of the crossbar there are two

recesses through which the locking hooks can be pulled open. Once unlocked on both sides, the crossbar can be lifted off. This makes it easy to open and close the chain, even when fitted inside a guide trough, and speeds up assembly by up to 40%. The new crossbar has significantly higher pull-out forces in the locked state compared to similar e-chains in the range.

igus u 01604 677240 u

decouples supply networks and runs the cable to the consumer redundantly and separately. In combination with the new QUINT POWER power supply units, input voltage and the decoupling section are monitored continuously.

Using preventive function

monitoring, the module informs you about the output voltages of the power supply units and defects in the wiring and the decoupling section. Critical operating states are therefore detected at an early stage.

Thanks to active decoupling with MOSFET, you can save up to 70% energy by using the S-ORING module. OVP

(overvoltage protection) protects downstream consumers from over-voltages greater than 30 V DC at the output. With 40 A, the module is suitable for DC voltages from 12 to 24 V. It has a narrow design of just 32 mm and are

suitable for use on DIN rails. Thanks to the wide temperature range from -40 to +70°C, they can be used flexibly and are suitable for

industrial use. With a protective coating and both ATEX and IEC Ex approval, it is also suitable for use under extreme ambient conditions.

Phoenix Contact u 0845 881 2222 u

Gardner Denver unveils new oil-free claw vacuum pump Gardner Denver has launched its new oil-free, claw technology vacuum pump, the next generation C-VLR 62 and 122.


he compact, air-cooled pump extends the leading global manufacturer’s comprehensive Elmo Rietschle range of vacuum solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. This includes food

packaging and processing, plastics, woodworking and even milking, plus many more. Developed in response to customer demand, the C-VLR 62 and 122 models are an extension to

Elmo Rietschle’s already extensive portfolio of claw vacuum pump, ranging from 60 m3/h to 1000 m3/h.

For sites with limited plant space, the range has up to a 35 per cent smaller footprint

than other existing claw vacuum pumps on the market. The new claw technology offers IE3 motors as standard, that are VSD compatible, adding extra controllability and helping to improve energy efficiency.

Maintenance intervals and costs are significantly decreased, with only minor oil changes

required every 20,000 hours, instead of typically every 5,000 hours on oil lubricated pumps. Innovative design allows operators easy access to the pumping chamber for fast maintenance, resulting in less downtime for the customer. It also features a lower number of moving parts than competitor models, and with no sealing or lubrication fluids needed in the pump’s compression chamber, it is a very environmentally-friendly product. These benefits add up to an extremely low life cost solutions for vacuum pumps and a reduction in carbon footprint.

Delivering best-in-class noise levels, the technology features a sound insulation cover and exhaust

silencer, eliminating the need for customers to invest in additional sound-proofing. Christian Frank, Product Manager at Gardner Denver, said: “The C-VLR 62 and 122 are also available in

both CD and XD models, covering ‘classic duty’ coating versions and heavy-duty units, offering businesses the best machine for their needs. For example, the XD range includes ‘ProCoat’, a protective coating that safeguards against harsh processes, such as vacuum sewage systems and milking, offering greater reliability when compared with existing claw pumps.

“Compact, quiet and oil-free, our latest vacuum solutions can dramatically cut energy costs for operators. For instance,

the C-VLR 62 with active cooling can improve performance by up to 50 per cent when compared with existing models, saving operators up to ¤500 in the process. “Both variants also offer passive or active cooling capabilities, depending on your requirements around the operating pressure level. Suitable passive cooling applications include

pneumatic conveying, whereas active cooling is more appropriate for uses such as ‘pick and place’. Essentially, whatever your application, we have a vacuum solution that can help.” Gardner Denver


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