A partnership has been agreed between LED Green Light International and arbnco, granting arbnco exclusive distribution and license rights to sell new IoT lighting technology in the UK


rbnco will incorporate its ‘arbn well’ service into the arbn lighting

offering, working with leading lighting suppliers to provide real-time monitoring of the effects of the indoor working environment on health and wellbeing, using sensor measurement and occupant engagement. The patented lighting technology

claims to offer unrivalled colour rendering index (CRI) levels, equipping commercial properties with lighting, which is as close to true colour rendition as possible. Its LED technology is said to make it one of the most energy efficient lighting options available. The industry standard for CRI is 80, but

arbn lighting will offer CRI that is 95+. Alongside the higher CRI levels, arbn lighting provides one of the highest efficacy rates in the industry, at 121 lumens per watt, with low ‘decay rates’ of LED lighting measured over time. Studies have found that enhanced

lighting can help increase productivity and enhance comfort. Contrastingly, poor lighting can have a significant effect on concentration levels, productivity and wellbeing in the workplace, with poor artificial light triggering eye strains, migraines and headaches. The technology will be available

through arbnco’s arbn lighting brand, which will offer lighting as a service to both new build and retrofit developments, predominately sold through a reseller network. The light fixtures and service is fully funded by the savings made on energy consumption, which are shared between the client and arbn lighting, meaning no upfront costs for installation of fixtures.

arbnco well sensors which monitor the indoor environment, including lighting, to find the optimum working conditions

In the UK, the lighting of office

buildings represents the biggest proportion of electricity consumption. Evidence has shown generated annual energy savings of 45 per cent, based on replacing a conventional 38W T8 fluorescent bulb with a 18W LED arbn lighting bulb. Typically, it is claimed that arbn lighting will generate average annual energy savings of 20 per cent, when replacing existing LED lights with a CRI of 80. This is due to its ability to operate at lower power, because it acts as a natural sunlight equivalent. arbn lighting will be headed up by Mark

Calder who has over 30 years’ experience delivering large scale lighting projects. Maureen Eisbrenner, CEO and

co-founder of arbnco, says: “arbnco is on a mission to transform the indoor built environment and make it a healthy, happy and productive space for all. By creating lighter, brighter spaces, we can alleviate the common side effects of poor lighting, such as falls in productivity and headaches. “One of the key offerings of arbn

lighting is that no upfront costs are required. The burden of installation is taken on by us, and the savings made on energy consumption mean that it generates a positive cash flow from day one – making it a no brainer for organisations.”


Inovo Building, Glasgow - home to arbnco and one of the trial buildings for the arbn well research project

The high specification lighting is fully

programmable and utilises Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. The integrated cloud-based WiZ lighting control system allows the level of light output for each fixture to be dimmed, individually controlled or used in combination with other fixtures to create various lighting scenes. Each individual lamp reports its usage to the cloud, which calculates the remaining lifespan, facilitating predictive maintenance. In addition, the technology can be programmed to demand response requests from utility companies to reduce energy consumption during peak times, alleviating pressure on the national grid. The lighting technology lends itself to

both indoor and outdoor lighting. arbn lighting’s outdoor range can be integrated with a range of IoT technology, such as intelligent motion sensors, solar power and video surveillance cameras. Bill Withers, CEO of LED Green Light

International, commented on why arbnco was chosen to be the exclusive UK distributor of the technology: “arbnco is one of the most exciting proptech firms out there and was a perfect fit to bring high 95 CRI lighting with innovative control technology to the UK.”


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