ELECTRIC TRANSPORT FEATURE THE FUTURE OF E-MOBILITY ABB will deliver OppCharge charging solutions to Birmingham Airport later this year


BB, along with Volvo Bus and Birmingham Airport, have announced

a collaboration which will see the launch of an environmentally-friendly passenger transport service in and around the airport. Available from November 2019, the

service will see six Volvo 7900e fully electric, low emission single deck buses service the airport grounds. Due to the requirement for 24/7

operation, each of the Volvo 7900e buses will be recharged en-route using the OppCharge opportunity charging pantograph system from ABB. Charging will take two to six minutes to complete, providing flexibility and enabling continuous operation for the electric buses without having to spend time in the depot being topped up with power. “We are proud to be partnering with

Volvo and Birmingham Airport to bring sustainable transport to this busy UK hub”, comments Frank Muehlon, head of ABB’s global business for EV charging infrastructure. “This project marks a significant step in

an ongoing partnership between ABB and Volvo, which has seen our companies work side by side since 2014 on co- developing electric bus solutions for improved urban mobility. We are delighted to be involved in delivering such a landmark transport solution for

the Midlands and look forward to welcoming passengers to experience the benefits of e-mobility when the service launches later this year.” Initially two 300kW pantographs will be

available outside the airport terminal, with plans to install further pantographs around the bus route if services are expanded. In addition, two 100kW plug in charging points using the CCS2 connector for DC fast charging will be available in the airport’s coach park. In the future, these charging points will be made available to other bus operators who adopt electric vehicles Part of the ABB Ability portfolio of

digital solutions, ABB chargers benefit from cloud connectivity, which allows for remote diagnosis and management, ensuring reliable and efficient infrastructure for bus passengers. Nick Barton, CEO at Birmingham

Airport says: “This partnership is a key milestone for us. We are always investigating new and innovative ways to reduce our carbon emissions and through the partnership with Volvo Bus UK, we can do just this. “We have made significant customer

service improvements across the airport to increase capacity and improve passenger experience, with the vision of positioning Birmingham as Europe’s leading airport.


The electric buses form part of this vision, not to mention their sustainability benefits being ultra-low emission. “Since 2012 the airport has reduced

its CO2 by 20 per cent per passenger. Implementing the six electric buses will work towards lowering our CO2 per passenger even further which is just fantastic.” Nick Page, managing director of Volvo

Bus UK & Ireland, adds: “It is very exciting that the 7900e has been chosen for Birmingham Airport in support of its ambition to provide the best possible environmentally friendly bus service for airport customers and stakeholders alike.” “Over the last 15 months the 7900e

has undertaken a UK wide demonstration tour where it has shown the contribution that can now be made to improving air quality in the areas where it has been in service. We are confident the 7900e and accompanying technologies will help Birmingham Airport to achieve its goals.” OppCharge is an open interface for the

automated charging of both single and double deck electric buses, from any manufacturer, using a pantograph on the infrastructure to connect the bus to the charging point.


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