REDUCING ENERGY DEMAND AT EMEX 27-28 November 2019 • EXCEL, London


earning from each other and sharing knowledge on how to reduce energy

demand, within and across organisations, is at the heart of EMEX. EMEX is an immersive two-day event

of interaction and active learning that brings together those passionate about devising energy-efficiency strategies, implementing the latest energy-efficient technologies and developing leadership capabilities within their organisation. Many businesses have an enormous opportunity to both pollute less and save money by making quite straightforward ‘bread-and-butter’ changes. EMEX brings dynamic leaders together where they will inspire and enthuse many others to drive energy efficiency to the top of the business agenda in the UK.

POTENTIAL There is considerable potential to make large energy cost and carbon emission savings through the installation of energy efficiency measures. The energy efficiency technologies that deliver these savings are readily available, tried and tested, and often repay their initial capital cost within just a few years. Such improvements can provide

significant long-term cash savings for organisations and reduced exposure to future changes in energy costs. Protecting the environment is also an important motivator for action, as well as improving energy efficiency as a way to increase competitiveness and protect business reputation.


EMEX is an opportunity to learn about

the new technology, systems and services available in a fast-changing environment.

EXHIBITORS Over 130 exhibitors ranging from major energy suppliers to utility brokers and energy management consultancies, equipment manufacturers to training companies, are unveiling the latest technology and showcasing a broad range of energy efficient solutions and services available right now under one roof.

Exhibitors include: • Utility companies • Training companies • Facility management companies • Energy performance contractors • Equipment manufacturers • Green IT companies • Technology companies • Service providers • Data processing and management companies • Law firms and contract specialists • Property companies

Throughout the two days, visitors will look at projects, initiatives and ideas and what lessons can be applied to their own projects. Visitors will: • Take stock of what’s working and what are the lessons to share • Hear about priorities for the year ahead and what it means for skills and training improvements

• Discover resources and best practice to help embed an energy management culture across an organisation • Stay up to date with the latest and upcoming legislative changes and how these are affecting businesses in the UK • Source innovation and gain insights into industry • Connect with peers and build networks

CONFERENCE The EMEX conference programme includes the opportunity for delegates to meet with top industry experts, peers and numerous leading suppliers. They will share knowledge, experiences and best practice from successful energy management strategies and unveil the latest technology available right now. The conference is made up of more

than 80 free-to-attend CPD-accredited sessions curated by the Energy Managers Association and its board of major energy users, across five topical theatres. The conference is a must-attend

event for all professionals involved in energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability. EMEX is a free to attend annual event that takes place at ExCeL, London every November. The event is organised by HEELEC Limited, a collaboration between Lord Redesdale’s Energy Managers Association and Jason Franks, a veteran organiser of trade and consumer events.

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