Based on its successful Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP), Interroll is now introducing a modular platform for driven pallet conveyance onto the market.


Large Digital Displays Measure Anything!

panel meters and controllers. All designed and built in the UK. These displays accept most industrial sensors and


signals and can be easily scaled to display exactly the readout you need, to keep your team informed of important live process variables.

The come in a wide variety of digit heights, colours and

number of digits, with a handy online configuration and pricing tool to make selection and pricing easy.

They are sealed IP65 all round and are designed for use

in washdown and other harsh industrial environments. Ideal for any process monitoring or control application.

See the website for more information.

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Test and Calibration System Designers........... F

or more than 40 years, Chell have designed and built custom test

and calibration systems for many of the most demanding and mission- critical applications. Our senior engineers have all experienced the demands of working in a UKAS accredited calibration laboratory and so are able to assess our customer's measurement and control needs quickly and be ready to work with them to provide test and calibration solutions for their products. Our service encompasses the

entire system design including the incorporation and management of calibration standards, any automation needed with its PLCs, PCs and associated software, product handling systems and all the support these will need in service. A large part of any installation is the training of your staff and any hand- holding they may need after commissioning, all part of Chell's comprehensive service.

We will work with your quality team to ensure that the uncertainty budgets associated with the equipment we

supply are suitable for your needs and will incorporate their management in the system controlling software. Many of the bespoke test systems we have supplied over the years have gone on to become products in their

own right and it is a measure of the reliability of our systems that many are still giving good service over 30 years after their original plant installation. If you have a need to find test solutions for a product or service involving the measurement of Pressure, Vacuum

or Gas Flow, then give us a call, you'll find that our engineers will be keen to help. Chell Instruments Ltd


Photoneo MotionCam-3D, the highest resolution and highest accuracy 3D camera in the world

customers can now benefit from the MotionCam 3D utilising Photoneo’s own patented technology, 'Parallel Structured Light'.

A Along with a custom CMOS image sensor the

MotionCam-3D is proving to be the best close to mid-range 3D camera for sensing rapid motion.

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fter being awarded the prestigious Vision Award at the Vision Show, Stuttgart in November 2018, UK

ondon Electronics Ltd make a wide range of high performance yet affordable large digital displays, digital

he Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform (MPP) system makes use of a number of components, including technical products that have been tried and

tested hundreds of thousands of times by users. The new conveyor platform is an addition to the Interroll Pallet & Carton Flow flow storage system. Reliable and efficient pallet handling is becoming increasingly important

in modern goods flows. In many cases, this hinges primarily on keeping the transport times between goods receipt and goods dispatch, or between storage, production and commissioning facilities in a business to a minimum and ensuring that these transport processes are highly efficient by means of automation—and keeping planning processes streamlined, assembly requirements low and expansion options flexible.

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Product Inspection Guide - Building a Complete Program F

efficiency whilst ensuring regulatory compliance. Designed to include a technical overview and helpful insights, METTLER

TOLEDO’s product inspection guides can help manufacturers to develop comprehensive vision inspection, checkweighing, metal detection and x-ray inspection programmes. Each guide explains the basic principles of the technology and provides

support in selecting the best systems to inspect products for a full range of quality checks, helping to reduce costly product recalls. Whether you’re detecting or removing contaminants, checking package

weight and completeness, or maintaining label and package integrity, product inspection solutions help boost both product safety and brand protection.

METTLER TOLEDO  0116 234 5069 

ully understanding product inspection can be a challenge, from deciding which equipment to install and where, to how to optimise production line

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