TECHNOLOGY IN ACTION ADVERTORIAL Hot iron Stone dust extraction:

What's the best solution? W

ater-based filtration for stone dust extraction is only generally effective to 10 microns, so HEPA after

filtration is usually required, and HEPA filters don’t like wet atmospheres. In addition, a wet filtration system means handling and disposing of sludge, and a system that can potentially freeze in cold weather. Engineers sometimes recommend extraction arms but

the abrasive nature of stone dust means arms (and ducting) have a short life span, and of course only have a very small effective area – meaning operators must continually move the arm while working. However, there are some key factors in stone dust

which conversely make it easier to handle than some dusts. Stone dust is non-explosive; this alone can make system design simpler, and enable us to consider systems that would not be suitable for many metallic dusts.

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 A

utomotive supplier transports 1200 ° C hot steel blanks with scale formation on toothed chains. Boiling heat, scaling and fouling characterize the

forming process of steel. This is also the case in the Hirschvogel Eisennach

GmbH factory for the massive forming of steel from blanks. The automotive supplier needs a long-lasting and safe solution for the transport of hot steel blanks and therefore relies on Renold tooth chains Delivering quality products on time and reliably is a

top priority for automotive suppliers. For this reason, the cost-optimized production of massively deformed components often requires special arrangements. "In doing so, we always have to look at the entire

value added chain from the blank to the finish," emphasizes Dennis Reinhardt, responsible for maintenance at Hirschvogel Eisenach GmbH in Marksuhl. "We work partly in 4-shift operation. The high speed of work and the difficult conditions of use must, of course, withstand all machinery and equipment. "

   As a member of the Hirschvogel Automotive Group,

Hirschvogel Eisenach GmbH concentrates in its production on the massive forming of steel from round material as well as aluminum from extruded profiles. The company mainly produces vehicle parts such as wheel carriers, control arms or pump housings for well- known automobile manufacturers. The Hirschvogel components are often key

components for transmitting forces and moments or for certain functions in the target system, such as antifriction bearings for friction minimization in the engine. The requirements regarding product quality, safety and delivery times are correspondingly high, so that Hirschvogel places equally high demands in the selection of the systems.

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