TECHNOLOGY IN ACTION ADVERTORIAL Union Industries delivers the perfect package for Cepac Union Industries is

assisting in the company’s investment efforts to enhance its buildings, by providing three high-speed doors at its Rawcliffe Bridge site, two Bulldoors and a Matadoor. The rapid operation of the doors enables the efficient movement of products and personnel around the facility. The high-speed internal

and external doors prevent the severe drop of ambient temperature in the building, particularly in the winter months, which eliminates any potential impact on the production environment. The investment in Union

Industries’ doors also aims to reduce heating costs and support Cepac’s environmental policy.

bolster its business operations. Cepac has pioneered innovative performance packaging


and print solutions across its four plants in the UK where its design, testing and manufacturing processes are carried out. The company’s strong focus on innovation has led to it

establishing one of the most technologically-advanced corrugated packaging plants in the sector.


nion Industries is helping the UK’s leading independent corrugated packaging producer, Cepac, to

Introduced to the UK by Union Industries in 1992, the

Matadoor is installed internally and is ideally suited for high-volume traffic, whether that be forklift trucks or personnel. It was also the first ever fast roller door on the market with a ‘crash-out and auto-reset’ feature. Meanwhile, the Bulldoor is designed for larger, high-use internal openings or average-sized external openings and is a popular choice for improving temperature regulation and hygiene conditions.

   Having installed Union Industries’ doors as part of a

previous production hall development, Cepac has become a loyal customer of the firm. Glenn Kilburn, Engineering Manager at Cepac Rawcliffe

Bridge, said: “After previously installing Union Industries’ doors for our new production hall, we were impressed by the quality of the product and service we received, so Union’s doors were the obvious choice this time around. The doors are clearly built to a standard that will withstand constant use and unexpected accidental impacts and our employees are positive about our new investment and the positive impact on the work environment.” Rob Howe, Technical Sales Engineer at Union Industries,

said: “It’s great to see companies, such as Cepac, repeat orders with us after witnessing the benefits of our doors first-hand. Temperature regulation and energy management are key issues for many businesses, so investing in robust, fast-action doors is essential for reducing heat loss and maintaining working conditions.”

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