Insertion Flow Meters - Now available in the UK from Bell Flow Systems

he Impeller series from Badger Meter - USA is a range of insertion style flow sensors designed to measure water and chemicals via insertion through the pipe wall.


Market leading attenuation for JSP’s new range of Sonis®

of this range is that it offers a wide spread of attenuation with SNR values between 27 and 37 meaning that selecting the right model to match the wearers requirements is really straightforward. The

T Sonis® and the orange Sonis®

1 for low level noise to the yellow Sonis® Compact for substantial

2 3 to protect against his exceptional range of Sonis® Fitting an

Ear Defenders Ear Defenders is

Kitemarked and meets EN352-1. The advantages range has been stylishly designed

with a traffic light colour code for easy identification and selection. The range moves from the green Sonis®

Industrial noise through to the market leading SNR of 37 for the red Sonis®

extreme industrial noise. The headband force and the sealing ring surface area work together to provide optimum cushion pressure and therefore comfort, ensuring a good fit every time, delivering an ear defender which is a pleasure to wear.

JSP u 01993 826050

u Snickers Workwear

insertion meter is simpler, faster and cheaper than cutting a section from the pipework to install a full-bore flow meter. Featuring a closed, six-bladed impeller design, using a proprietary, non-magnetic sensing technology, these meters offer high repeatability at lower flow rates. Sensors can be interchangeable, eliminating the need for recalibration after service or replacement. Impeller flowmeters are available in a choice of construction materials and a variety of sizes and outputs or LCD displays. With an accuracy of +/-1% and flow rates up to 9 m/s and up to 69 bar, depending on model, the Impeller series makes an ideal choice for use with corrosive and non-corrosive fluids even at higher system pressure.

Bell Flow Systems u 0800 027 7786 u

Snickers’ ‘Next Generation’ product and price catalogue T

u Helpline: 01484 854788

KABELSCHLEPP Metool provides a complete range of cable chains

o suit application diversity, our product range offers everything from tiny plastic cable chains,

T to

bespoke steel chain weighing several tonnes.

Most common in applications are cable carriers made of plastic material - but not any plastic is fit for purpose.

Material used for cable

chains contain a fair amount of R & D to deliver properties the dynamics require.

KABELSCHLEPP Metool offers

various ranges in modular design widths that can be sized in mm increments.

Frame parts made of

aluminium allow full width flexibility and the material properties guarantee superior stiffness over plastic, when required. For the most demanding applications there is a wide range of steel cable chains.

A reliable choice

for applications with high mechanical stress or extreme conditions.

KABELSCHLEPP Metool also supplies automation cable TRAXLINE for all purposes, tested and rated to millions of cycles. This proposition is extended to customised harness assemblies ready to install. Whatever the application – KABELSCHLEPP Metool with its experienced engineers and cost effective carrier solutions – are THE contact for you.


VisiliteTM. This fibre optic lighting system has been developed as a method of increasing worker visibility without dazzling colleagues in close proximity. The VisiliteTM has tough ABS casings making it highly durable to withstand knocks and scrapes. It is easy to fit to the JSP Evo range of Helmets –clips slide onto the front sides and rear of the helmet to keep it in place allowing fibre optic light to shine all around the helmet. The VisiliteTM offers three lighting modes – static, fast flash or slow flash to suit the user’s needs and is visible up to 50M. LED lights shine low level light down the fibre optic which is refracted by the engraved logos on the flexible optic strip. The unit is USB rechargeable, comes with a Micro USB cable and can be charged whilst fitted to the helmet.


JSP u 01993 826050


JSP launch VisiliteTM

Fibre Optic Illumination system for Evolution® Helmets

SP Ltd has launched a unique new lighting system for their Industrial Safety helmets called the

his 68 page brochure is now available FREE to the tradesmen and women who need the very best in hi-tech working clothes. It’s got full details of the newest additions to the ALLROUND, FLEXIWork, LITEWork and RUFFWork clothing ranges and plenty of advice on how to choose the working clothes that are right for your kind of work. There’s also loads of information on all the other garments and accessories you can get for working effectively wherever you are on site – and whatever trade you’re in. You’ll find quality, innovation, hi- tech fabrics and top class functionality in every garment – Trousers, Jackets, Topwear, Safety shoes and Accessories - the sign of a brand that knows what it takes to get a job done properly.


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