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emaining competitive in today’s challenging business environment requires efficiency and productivity levels to remain high at all times. This means that reducing the time needed for maintenance or repair is a crucial part in achieving these objectives. The concept of the Reich Multi Mont drive coupling allows speedy replacement of the flexible transmission elements without the need to de- couple the mechanical drive train, eliminating the need for realignment. The Multi Mont

product range features in a long line of innovative drive couplings for mechanical power

transmission applications developed

by Reich Kupplungen. The Multi Mont Sella flexible jaw coupling is a clever and easily customised concept for connecting shafts within a drive train to transmit torque.

This pluggable design has been successfully proven over the years, with regular updates to maintain its ‘state of the art’ reputation. The range now covers a torque capacity from40Nmto 1,000,000Nm. Themain benefit of theMultiMont Sella flexible jaw coupling is the ability to change its flexible transmission elements without the time consuming work required tomovemachinery and then re-align it afterwards. There is no need to


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uncouple the drive, as simply unbolting a retaining cap allows it to be slid out of the way, exposing the flexible transmission elements, which are then removed and replaced radially. This concept generates considerable savings in time over alternative product types, helping tomaintain the highest levels of uptime and efficiency.

The Reich Multi Mont Sella coupling allows transmission elements to be changed without moving machinery.

TheMultiMont Sella flexible jaw coupling

standard range ismade fromSpheroid Graphite (SG) Iron for the hubs and flanges, with steel for the retaining cap. The use of SG iron with its greater elasticity gives a

better andmore robust which is less susceptible to damage and

also allows coupling

the incorporation off keyless clamping elements, either internal locking assemblies or external shrink discs. The keyless clampingmethod of locating a coupling hub on to a shaft offersmany distinct advantages over traditionalmethods such as keyways, splines and thermal shrink fits.

A natural / synthetic rubber mix is used for the flexible transmission elements. Natural rubber is proven to be the best material for damping, so the Multi Mont Sella flexible jaw coupling can be us ed where torsional vibration is present.

temperatures silicone temperature range of


FEAT R E FEA ATURE proves uptimes The standard flexible elements have

-40°C to 100°C, for higher element with temperature

range of -70°C to 120°C are available.

Reich Kupplungen has developed the Multi Mont Sella flexible jaw coupling into a versatile product with many variants as standard including shaft to shaft; shaft to flange; flange to flange; with brake drum or with brake disc versions, also a standard version with the very popular taper bush centre.

Designers and engineers have taken advantage of the unit’s adaptable design to easily combine the coupling with other mechanical power transmission products such as torque limiters, clutches, freewheels and fluid couplings to create bespoke drive solutions. Designers and engineers who have demanding applications requiring ATEX certification can now specify the new standard ATEX Multi Mont Sella flexible jaw coupling. Innovations around the Multi Mont Sella flexible jaw coupling continue with the recent development of a high-speed version made from high-grade aluminium, which is capable of pm.

The features of Rei speeds up to 20,000r

ch’s Multi-Mont Drive

Coupling can be seen in its new 3D animation video which can be viewed online at: www.reich -

Reich Drive Systems UK T: 0161 714 4191

T: 0161 714 4191 www. www.reich-uk.comh-uk. om es

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