Greener Solutions: Sustainability in DIY

With an increased public awareness of the environmental impact of their buying choices, what can the DIY industry do to provide greener products and services?

Chrome finish can be found everywhere from taps to car parts to home décor. It’s a widely used and desirable finish, but many people don’t realise how harmful chrome plating is to the environment and to the people handling it. Hexavalent chromium


which uses chromium trioxide as its main ingredient, poses the most significant health hazard. It is a hazardous air pollutant and a human carcinogen; even a single exposure to it during the manufacturing process can result in irritation of the skin and upper respiratory tract ( Despite the significant health risks

chrome plating is still very much in demand. Chrome’s material properties, including resistance to both corrosion and oxidisation, combined with the bright mirror finish make it a cost effective and low maintenance solution. As a result, there is little motivation for suppliers and customers to look for alternative materials. Thankfully, chrome plating is not the only way of producing a mirror finish effect. In a bid to reduce their environmental impact, Rothley have created “the Rothley Promise” to look at our products, packaging and processes to make them as ethical and sustainable as possible. As part of this initiative we have introduced a range of stainless steel tube including a polished version which is virtually indistinguishable from chrome plated tube. Stainless steel remains inert for its whole lifespan and can also be re-used or recycled at the end of its life. It is a much more sustainable product and it poses

“no concerns for

carcinogenicity” ( Stainless steel shares many material advantages with chrome. It is corrosion resistant, hardwearing and hygienic, making it the ideal material for applications in kitchens or bathrooms. For the DIY enthusiast, it is easy to cut, weld and manipulate without compromising the finish of the material. Overall, it is a versatile product that can be used in all sorts of situations; both inside and outside, in the home, office or an industrial setting.

6 DIY WEEK 06 SEPTEMBER 2019 As well as being a significantly

more sustainable material with all the benefits of chrome plated metal, buying Endurance tube need not break the bank. It is thanks to Rothley’s new connections with sourcing and manufacture in China that we are able to bring a wide range of high quality products, including our new Endurance tube, to the market without compromising on our competitive pricing. Today, alongside our distribution centre in the West Midlands, Rothley

also has a global supply chain

office and a manufacturing plant in Zhaoqing, China. We can now exercise control over every part of the supply process, from sourcing to manufacture to distribution, to ensure we can provide the best service and product possible. Rothley have partnered with the well-known online


IronmongeryDirect, to bring the Endurance tube to the market. The strong relationship with IronmongeryDirect has been built

over ten years of trading, starting in 2006 when they were known as Essex Fittings. IronmongeryDirect have been supplying architectural ironmongery to tradespeople for 50 years. Starting out as a traditional shop, today customers can browse over 17,500 products in the catalogue and online. Orders can be placed as late as 8pm for next day delivery from Sunday through to Friday and by 4pm on Saturdays. Free, no quibble returns are available on all products.

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